When you need a Shamanic vision quest but cant

Lauren’s Quest was to leave behind everything that no longer served her, and gain the skills to be able to enter a whole new part of her life.

I led her on Shamanic Empowerment Journey through the hot pools, mud baths, steam room, Grotto and other facilities Glen Ivy is famous for.

At each place she experienced a different level of release or empowerment

After the Transformation

At the Saline Pool she cleared her anxiety and learned how manage her stress quickly and easily.

At the Mineral Pool she connected with her Guides and Guardians.

At the Waterfall we did a Shamanic severing of ties to all old lovers, and reclaimed the parts of herself she had given away.

Here is a glimpse of a meditation we did in the cave room at Club Mud while the mud drew the toxins out of her body

A glimpse of Total Transformation

Everything was crafted to her specific needs and designed for maximum long term benefit, as well as in the moment bliss

New skin after the Grotto

The journey ended at the Labyrinth Walk into her new life


Contact me if you want to experience JOY in a JOYQuest to Launch you in to the next part of your life, or if you just need profound nurturing to sustain and support you in whatever you have to do next.

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