When you need pampering, honoring and celebrating because it's about you too, not just baby!

What's better than a baby shower?

A Blessingway Ceremony

Instead of a Baby Shower, Sabrina chose a Blessingway Ceremony to mark her passage from ‘Maiden to Mother’

My Blessingway ceremony yesterday surrounded me with so much love and support…. I felt like I was floating! I’m still overwhelmed with joy and emotion from the abundant energy given by all who participated, as well as those who were there in spirit. 
It really is tough to put into words just how special I felt. 
I wish for every person on this earth the experience of feeling this much love, and for every Mother-to-be to have a Blessingway.” Sabrina Ore

Everything is about to take 2nd place to your baby. 

It's wise to take every opportunity to give yourself what you need NOW, so that you have it to give then. 

What kind of Ceremony would Fill your tank Mama?

This was the final Ritual in Sabrina’s Ceremony to prepare her for Motherhood.

Instead of small talk and baby gifts, Sabrina experienced deep connection with her friends in an afternoon filled with unforgettable blessings and fun, designed to give her all the support and love she needs to carry her through the next weeks – and years.