Freedom from stress, negative patterns, fear and doubt.

More JOY Less Stress in 3 Minutes or Less Guaranteed


I Empower the People who Empower Other People

I'm a Stress and Trauma expert, ex Corporate executive and Shaman.

I've died 6 times, and each time I've been returned with different Perspectives and Uncommon Abilities to help others.

Doctors have given up on me on 5 different occasions. So I learned to heal myself.

I'm  certified in more than a dozen Holistic Healing Modalities.

I became a World Expert in Clearing stress in 3 minutes or less

After being hit by a drunk driver at 24: Whenever I became stressed, soft tissue would swell at the base of my neck, blood would stop going to my brain, and I would have about 3 minutes before I blacked out.

Each blackout caused an oxidative stress wall in my forebrain, it was a stressful time. After a couple of years my frontal lobes scanned like an autistic child - see bio. Doctors said I'd be dead or brain dead by 30.


I learned how to reprogram my brain to bypass the injuries, by Thinking New Thoughts.

Instead of being a vegetable at 30, I had co-created Australia’s first 3rd party end user computer software support organization. 

Now I teach how to Reprogram the Brain for Optimal Levels of Productivity and JOY, 

How to Clear Stress in 3 minutes or less, and how to Dissolve Emotional Trauma Painlessly.

I Guarantee Immediate Positive Results with my work or refuse payment

HOW do i do what i do

My Superpower is Perspective

Multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries created a life in which I can't see and do things most people can, BUT I can see and do things most people can't.

I don't just see the 'problem' in someone's life or business, I see how and why it was created, on multiple realms and dimensions. Making it possible to track it to cause, and remove it at Source.
I then defuse the negative emotional charge, and reprogram the brain to clear the sponsoring trauma - or whatever was causing the glitch.

Taking out the first domino topples the ancillary traumas supporting the original program, creating a healing cascade in the cells, that shifts people into a whole new level of clarity purpose and power, often in a single session.

At the same time I connect people with their Guides and help them find their place in their 'Team' so that they have access to infinite support as they embark on the next part of their S/Heroes Journey. 

I give them the tools and skills they need to STAY connected, and on their own unique path, living their dreams. 


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For the Empaths

For the Worriers

For the Worriers


Protection 101 for Energy Sensitive people. 

No matter what you auric field looks like it will benefit from daily cleansing – just as you benefit from daily bathing.

For the Worriers

For the Worriers

For the Worriers


 The De-Worrying Process  

Money Back Guarantees 

to Eliminate 

All Worry at its Source

Who do you know that needs this book?

For the Kids

For the Worriers

For the Kids


7 emPOWERing Bedtime Stories for Kids of all ages; especially 4 – 14 

& for the Inner Child in all of us

Help your child release the stress of the day, and ease into restful sleep.

Clear Stress

Reprogram your Brain

For the Kids


Learn how to Relax Instantly, Keep a clear head no matter what's going on, clear stress from your body 

 The 1st 3 Sanity Saving Skills Measure your stress dropping


Face Reading

Reprogram your Brain

Reprogram your Brain

Face Reading

Communicate more effectively and compassionately with every person in your life.

Learn how others think and why they behave the way they do - without taking it personally


Reprogram your Brain

Reprogram your Brain

Reprogram your Brain


What would your life be like if your memories couldn't hurt you any more?

Timeline Transformation changes everything

See for yourself


Sunset Water Blessing

Sunset Water Blessing

Sunset Water Blessing


Some believe our waters are past the point of no return. But what if we could flip this and make it a point of Total Transformation? 

Dr Emoto showed us how with Messages from Water

Miraculous Healing

Sunset Water Blessing

Sunset Water Blessing


Sacred Site Healing Available for YOU – and you don’t have to climb a Forbidden Active Volcano to access it!

I've done the work for you


Sunset Water Blessing



I don’t drive in the United States, I give JOYrides. A Mobile Shamanic Counseling Service.

You must be a good safe driver, able to multi task, willing to have FUN!

 Authority Magazine interviewed me as an expert in living with a 'Ravenous Thirst for life'

This is the 5 minute video I created for their Online Summit for the International Day of JOY in 2019.

It has Great tips on how to experience JOY Regardless of Circumstance, how I became a World Expert on clearing stress in 3 minutes or less, and how what I learned can help you!