This mini Aura Cleanse provides 

Additional Coronavirus Protection that will raise your vibration every time you wash your hands

 Improving your Physical AND Spiritual  Protection

CoronaVirus Protection

Important Protection for COVID-19 and more

Morning Aura Cleanse: Set this as your alarm

* Your stress levels will drop.

· Your energy field and body  systems will strengthen.

· Your energy levels will rise.

· Your overall wellness and immunity will increase.

· You won’t take on other people’s ‘stuff’ so much  

Do NOT leave home without doing this!

Evening Aura Cleanse: Aka JOY!’s Insomnia cure. 

Do this at bedtime to clear the stress of the day.

· Your sleep will be more restful.

· You will awaken more refreshed.

Each guided meditation has been lovingly crafted with NLP and Eriksonian Hypnosis for maximum benefit. 

No matter what you auric field looks like it will benefit from daily cleansing – just as you benefit from daily bathing.

The effects of the Aura Cleanse are cumulative and progressive –

The more you do it, the better you’ll feel.


suggested donation for both is $11.11

If you really can’t manage that, contact me and we’ll work something out.

 If you can gift more, please do. It helps me create more things like this to share.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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Additional Information

Don't leave the house without cleansing and sealing your aura

Do the mini version every time you feel the need, 

including during any interaction that might look like this

Have you washed your hands and Cleansed and sealed your aura?

get used to doing those at the same time!


Maria’s fast track to enlightenment.

These are Maria’s unexpected results after listening to these meditations for a year

No-one should be without this essential knowledge. PLEASE Teach it to your children: “Have you washed your hands? Have you cleansed and sealed your aura?” Do it for them if they are too young.

Energy Protection 101

 You're washing your hands, but are you cleansing and sealing your energy field? #covid19 


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