Event Blessings

Many years ago I was given the gift of Sound Healing from Spirit. 

Since then I have been offering Blessings at events around the world

I never know what will happen, my  job is to get out of the way and let healing flow through me.

I am a Flute the Master plays

Becka's experience

It's a Truly Transformational Gift to offer the attendees at your event.

Here's what that 3 minutes was like for Becka

Sometimes a Blessing turns into an Upgrade 

Often Guides come through with Gifts for them


JOYful Blessings make your event unforgettable

in 30 seconds

Sometimes a skill is shared, in this case, instant relaxation so he could fully enjoy the event

It's a Gift that Lasts, they're always so glad they came

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Currently in West LA

Position me as a Roving Greeter to add JOYful Blessings at your next event. $111 an hour + transport to and from the event.


West LA, Los Angeles, California 90066, United States

(760) 595 5944

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Here's a clearer example of Tones that come through