Give you, and your loved ones, the gift of more time!

Time is not a static thing, it can be played with, it can be influenced – An hour at the dentist having root canal is NOT the same amount of time as an hour with a beloved you may never see again.

This JOYminar goes beyond time management to demonstrate a mind blowing technique to literally lengthen and shorten your time line to create the time you need. It’s also a powerful healing tool.

In a video taken on a yacht in LA, you’ll experience every attendee doing the technique, and see each person receive a different kind of healing. Witness your own unexpected physical, mental and emotional responses to this Time Line Technology.

Benefits include:

* Never feel pushed for time again!
* Extend your time line to get in more sleep, when you are in a time crunch, just not wanting the night to end…
* Retract it to shorten a long flight, a dental appointment, a boring date…
* Align it with your partner so you are both on the same time line.

In this video you will witness people experience:

* Improved breathing – one lady’s sinuses cleared up
* People experiencing feeling more relaxed, more grounded, more present
* Others feel more alive, see and hear more vividly, One woman found it made her feel ‘high’
* Everyone was able to move forward more easily.

At the end of the video there is a bonus ‘time travel into the future’ which results in these comments and more:

* “This brought me powerfully into my integrated self.”
* “Now I can ground my vision of the future in the present, I don’t have to know how, I just know it will happen. It’s taken a lot of pressure off, I’m not getting in my own way.”
* “I am rewriting what I’m doing, the obstacles are no longer there”


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