When you want something more meaningful than a bridal shower

A Bridal event to remember forever

You can have a Bridal Shower… or …You can have a Guided Bridal Bathing Ceremony; Crafted just for you by a New Zealand Shaman.

It begins with deciding what you want to experience, and how you want to feel:

Greta wanted her Bridal event to be something her girlfriends would talk about for the rest of their lives.

  • She wanted to share memories with her friends, bond new and old friends, and have a laugh.
  • She wanted to feel special and loved and supported; and properly ‘sent off’ into her marriage journey.
  • She wanted everyone to leave feeling nourished and even more powerfully connected to each other and to her.

 I began with a Memory Circle: Greta sat in the center of a circle of her friends, and each woman shared how they met her, or their favorite memory of her.

Then we moved to a gorgeous swimming pool with hot tub and waterfall, all set into the forest.

I blessed the waters, then had the women enter the water in pods of 5.


feel the love

One by one the women were cradled in the middle of their pod, supported by 4 loving sisters.

 All 4 women quietly vocalizing everything they love and admire about the one in the middle, telling her all the wonderful things she needs to know about herself.

 When all the women had been cherished for 5 minutes each, I had them all surround Greta and do it to her. Bombarding her with simultaneous love and support until every cell in her body was saturated and celebrated and surrendered to love.

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Fully Supported by her siStars and Ready for Married Life

Greta was lifted high above their heads and turned around before being set down on her new path. The women formed two rows as they got out of the pool, arms up, hands touching in a tunnel of sister support for Greta to walk under as she emerged from her Bridal Bath Blessing. 

 Finally we headed for the Glade where we did one final, beautiful ceremony before sharing a picnic and toasting the Bride.

The whole event so impacted everyone that Greta determined to make Bridal Blessings available to more people.

And this Shamanic Service was born.

What would you like your Bridal Bath Experience to include? Contact me, let’s design it together.