White Peacock Academy Illumes

White Peacock Academy: Practical Magic Education for Lightworkers with Muggle World Challenges. 

WPA is designed to Connect Empower and Support those with a Mission of Light in the World.

It’s Hogwarts, but for real, and as schools and businesses are closing down, we are stepping up to offer Education that Transforms; for example The Alchemy of Fear into Love 

Consider this your Official invite to our inaugural Zoom events.

about our Illumes

White Peacock Academy

White Peacock Academy Classes are known as Illume/s. Each Illume is composed of skills, tools, spells or insights that, like Magic, make a R.A.D. Replicable Applicable Demonstrable difference in some aspect of life. 

A full course is known as an Illumination. 

Verify is what we do immediately after each Illume. We Test the Teaching. Putting what we’ve learned through personal tests, wherever we can, throughout the week, to see how it works, APPs cheering us on and keeping us accountable. 

We Verify what happens before, during, and after the skill is used.

These written Verifies become our Grimoire, the Book of Magic detailing what does and doesn’t work in Guiding you toward your Grandest Dreams and Better.

We do not Verify alone. White Peacock Academy strives to be an Interdependent Society.
Independent beings coming together because together we can do so much more, – whilst having way more fun and being exponentially more effective. 

 APPs (Accountability Peacock Partners- are the ultimate accountability buddies

Our APPs hold our Highest Vision for, and with, us.
They help us stay aligned with that Vision
by Verifying With Us, and Encouraging
All that would support us living our Most Magical Lives, and Better.
We do the same for them.

We will get through this TOGETHER.

It’s time to Step Up, Skill Up and Help One Another Up.

Come share the Magic with us. 

it's $33 for 2 APPs or $22 if you are only getting one ticket. 

You will be encouraged to find an APP after the call if you don't have one.

Zoom APPs are definitely a thing... Y'all are called ZAPPS!


Get well stay well

Coronavirus or not, it's essential to be able to understand the messages your body is sending,  Learn how to track symptoms to cause, so you can Treat The Cause - when you do, often the symptoms 'magically' disappear 

How to befriend pain - Your body doesn't yell at you for no reason.

Learn Fast, easy, fun ways to get well and stay well 

Where different emotions live in the body. 

Reprogramming your brain for optimal stress response

Book Now $33 for 2 ZAPPs

Treat the cause, the symptoms disappear

When I went to have my hair done Halacia's back was on fire, she thought she would have to give up work, and many things she loved. It was so painful for her to stand
I didn't work on her back.
I did psychic surgery on her throat, she hasn't been able to swallow for 3 years after a brutal tracheotomy.
Her back healed because we healed the CAUSE.
The back pain and the inability to swallow might not seem to be related, BUT they both had the same root cause, so they both healed.

face reading

Essential for Business, Relationship Saver, Best Internet dating tool on the Planet!

I teach off the faces in the audience, Zoom with the people you want to communicate more compassionately and effectively with. Communication isn't about what's said, it's about what's heard. 

This science will help you gain instant rapport with everyone you'll ever meet!

Verify the accuracy for yourself, then book your ticket because this is the most valuable communications skill you could ever have


I will be sharing the face trait that made me $30,000 in 5 minutes