face reading

  • Understand how other people think and why they behave the way they do, and not take it personally
    • Improve sales figures on average 30% by knowing how to approach your prospect
    • Improve your relationships immeasurably – the most common comment I get after this course is “If I’d know this before I’d still be married.”
    • Communicate more effectively and powerfully with everyone you meet
      Rock internet dating!
    • Have more compassion and understanding for everyone in your life
  • Make friends with your face!

for example

You have just 15 seconds to make a first impression, how you approach someone will determine what kind of impression you make. This trait will change the way you approach people by telling you in advance what the person is most likely to be comfortable with.

Here's how to know!

Communication isn’t what’s said, it's what’s heard

The science of Behavioral Genetics has been verified with 98% accuracy. 

I’ve been teaching this for more than 20 years and found it to be more like 90% – 92% accurate.- 

Good enough to have made me a LOT of money as a sales person; and saved me a lot of grief in relationships. 

Be skeptical, it's a trait. Be amazed, it's inevitable!


Face Reading will teach you how to read someone’s face, and before a word is said, know everything from how they need new information to be presented, to whether they’d prefer to be greeted with a hug or a handshake.

At work or home this is the one tool that will put you on the same page with everyone straight away, and enable you to speak in a way that you will not only be heard, they will feel heard.


As far as I know the only place the science of Behavioral Genetics is currently taught, is the U.S. Judicial System for criminal profiling and jury selection. That sucks! It’s not right that this information is withheld. We should all be taught it in kindergarten!

I believe this Knowledge should be available to everyone, so I have created this course.

Half the problems in the world exist because everyone thinks that everyone else thinks just the way they do.