What if we CAN save the world?

All we have to do is reach Critical Mass!

The worst that can happen is we feel better at the end of each day, 

and can tell future generations that we at least did something to help.

The best that can happen is YOU or someone you turn on to this, is the hundredth monkey that tips the scales and saves the world 

How The World Water Crisis Can Save Humanity

Fukushima has been leaking since 2011; on  July 20th 2017 Tepco confirmed it plans to release the radioactive material from the Fukushima plant into the ocean saying that the “decision has already been made”. 

Then there’s the Red Tide, the oil spills, pollution of every kind. Powers seemingly beyond our control are killing our oceans and rivers and lakes.

Some believe we are past the point of no return. But what if we could flip this and make it a point of Total Transformation? Dr Emoto shows u

send love, joy and gratitude to the waters of our world

I invite you to join Planetary Defenders, Rainbow Warriors and Earth Lovers all over the globe, for a couple of minutes each Sunset, to send Love and Gratitude to the Waters of the world.
It’s a wonderful way to pay a little rent on our planet, it’s fun, easy, feels great, doesn’t cost anything, and anyone can do it.

Every sunset I take a moment to Bless the Waters from wherever I am, and take a wee video to post on Facebook to encourage others to do it with me.

Please Join me  Do this in whatever way feels good to you, you can’t get it wrong, even crows can do this

The worst that can happen is you express Love Joy and Gratitude out in to the world.
The best thing that can happen is we reach Critical Mass and we collectively raise our world’s consciousness.

We may not be able to do a lot of things but THIS is something everyone can do