I have been traveling the Northern Hemisphere since July of 2000 teaching how to live more joyfully and less stressfully in 3 minutes or less.
Sharing the skills I acquired to survive my outrageous life, is how I make sense of everything that’s happened to me.

Here are my Top JOYminars. Each one is 90 minutes, all guarantee to do exactly what is claimed, and more.
Let me know which ones are you most interested in. Get a group together and I will present just for you.

 Wish Granting

People often ask me how I can ‘grant everyone’s wishes in 90 minutes”

It’s because Everyone wants the same things!

We all want to be Happier Healthier
Living our Grandest Dreams

Even if your wish isn’t spoken you will still
Go home with a plethora of tools to empower every part of your life.

 Clear stress in less time than it takes to find the Valium:
 The World Health Organisation tells us 90% of illness is stress related.

This JOYminar teaches you how to

Clear stress in 3 minutes or less

Relax instantly

Keep a clear head regardless of what’s happening

Clear stress from your body

Measure your stress levels at the beginning and again at the end.

 Face Reading

The science of Behavioral Genetics

You will understand more about every person in your life than you ever thought possible.

As far as I know, the only place Behavioral Genetics is currently taught is the U.S. Judicial System.

It should be taught to EVERYONE in kindergarten!

It explains why people think and behave the way they do – so you don’t need to take it personally.

It will change the way you look at people forever.

 Time Warp

 An hour at the dentist having root canal is NOT the same amount of time is an hour with a beloved you may never see again.

Time is not a static thing, it can be played with, it can be influenced.

You can make time work for you instead of against you.

This JOYminar goes beyond time management.

You get to experience an amazing technique to literally lengthen and shorten your time line to create the time you need.

AND it’s an incredibly powerful healing tool.

 Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, connect with your angels.

 Learn how to talk to – and listen to – your Angels and Guardians.

What will you ask your Guides?

How will it feel to be able to communicate with your Guides whenever you need to?

Learn how to See Auras

The Manual Your Body Didn’t Come With

Understanding the messages your body is sending you

Tracking symptoms to cause

Fast, easy, fun ways to get well and stay well

Natural ways to turn on your immune system, eyes and ears

Where different emotions live in the body.

 Vanquishing Fear

Who would you be if you had no fear?

What would you be able to achieve?

Learn the secret fear never wants you to know.

This secret will help you
Conquer Fear every time.


Genaro felt, and LOOKED very different
when he began the 10 week emPOWERment Series.

This is what he noticed – and what other people,
especially women, noticed about him

Community Relating Adventure: 4 hours: includes Potluck : $33 or $50 for 2

The Ultimate Eavesdrop!

Have you ever wondered what the Opposite Sex REALLY thinks?

If you could ask them, as a group, any question at all, and have it honestly answered, what would it be?

What might you learn if you could overhear an unguarded discussion on the things that really matter?

We begin with an Opening Puja and connection exercises.

Open to those who GENUINELY want to improve their understanding of, and compassion for, the opposite sex.
And who are wiling to be Truthful and Transparent.

Let me know which of these  JOYminars interest you, by dropping me a line below.