When you are done learning through pain and suffering. It’s time to Experience JOY!

My American friends dubbed me The Wish Granter because people bring me their wishes for their health and happiness, and I help them grant those wishes more quickly, easily and powerfully, while having a ripping good time. I specialize in helping people live more joyfully and less stressfully in 3 minutes or less.

Immediate Positive Results are Guaranteed with everything I offer or it’s FREE.

If you want a private session you should know I am also known as The Cosmic Ass Kicker. If you need subtle, politically correct, or gentle baby steps, you have come to the wrong place.  I facilitate  Quantum Leaps.   

  Book a Free 15 minute Wish Granting Discovery session today. What’s on your Wish List?

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I empower the people who empower other people.  People are drawn to one-on-one time with me when...

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I Money-Back-Guarantee it will eliminate your worry at its source. AND as a Special Holiday...

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  Give you, and your loved ones, the gift of more time! Time is not a static thing, it can be...

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TimeLine Transformation is a powerful reprogramming of the brain to remove trauma and...