Clear Stress


Clear stress in 3 minutes or less is the link to my  $125 UDEMY course. It is on special right now for just $33 with the coupon code ’empower’

it will teach you how to:

    • Relax instantly
    • Keep a clear head no matter what is going on
    • Clear your stress to zero and keep yourself clear
    • Protect yourself from negativity
    • Be able to cope with confrontation better
    • Experience Peace of Mind quickly and easily
    • Bring Peace to troubling situations
    • Reprogram stressful memories so they don’t hurt any more
    • Easy way to prevent being a road statistic
    • Significantly improve health and well being
    • Clear 70% of headaches in 30 seconds
    • Dissolve tension headaches and other blockages
    • Avoid hangovers
      • Learn points on your body that wake up your whole body/brain systems
  • Learn random bizarre things about New Zealand

These tools work for EVERYTHING from money stresses to relationship crisis, it doesn’t matter what the stress is. Measure your stress levels on a sale of 1 – 100 and experience them drop with every skill.

Minimum Suggested Donation 33$

These first tools will show you how to instantly reprogram your primitive brain centers to have a composed response to stress instead of an automatic stress reaction. = When everyone around you is losing their minds, you will be relaxed, and have a clear head REGARDLESS OF CIRCUMSTANCE!

These things can mean the difference between life or death, EVERYONE needs to know them, they should be taught in kindergarten, but they aren’t so I’m sharing them, INJOY!

The entire course is just $125, which will get you a few months worth of Valium, or a lifetime supply of emPOWERment tools that could mean throwing the Valium away altogether – while saving you a fortune in health care.

Money aside what it does for peace of mind is invaluable. Here is another snippet from the course demonstrating one of the techniques.

All I ask is that you give the tools a fair go, and when you find out how effective they are, pay it forward, teach your loved ones. Everyone needs these life saving skills; Which is why The first part of the course is free, and always will be.

Stress is the #1 killer in the world today, but stressful situations aren’t usually the cause of long term health problems. Our inability to cope with stress is what makes us sick.

We are not taught how our brains and bodies work, or how to program them for optimal functioning under stress. Instead we learn to suppress the symptoms that are there to draw our attention to causes that need to be addressed.

Give every technique you learn a fair go to find out just how effective it really is, and when you experience they difference, pay it forward. Tell your friends, everyone needs these simple, life saving skills.

Life isn’t getting any less challenging, we have to step up and skill up. 

Oh the most awesome thing – Using the emPOWERment Tools when you AREN’T stressed has unfriggingbelievable benefits in productivity increase alone!

Groch only did a small part of the course, and had low stress to  begin with Take advantage of the special right now for just $33 with the coupon code ’empower’