Drew shot himself in the head when he was young Blowing out both brain hemispheres.

The nerves were paralyzed in the left side of his face, he couldn't lift his left eyelid easily and the left side of his face sagged.

After his second session he feels very different, there's room inside his head, so much debris has been cleared away that His face doesn't sag anymore he looks way younger and he's able to open his eyelid and blink..he has feeling back in his face where before there was numbness.

When I arrived for my hair appointment Halicia had much back pain she told me she would have to quit work, and doing all the things she loved.

I found out she also had a botched tracheotomy 3 years ago and hasn't been able to swallow normally since.

I did not work with either of these seemingly unrelated issues.

I let them lead me to a profound emotional issue, and I cleared that.

Her debilitating back pain vanished, and she could swallow again for the first time in 3 years.

I'd found the cause.