Reprogramming the brain

What would your life be like if your memories couldn't hurt you?

TimeLine Transformation is a fast, simple reprogramming of the brain to remove trauma and sabotaging programs and patterns. 

Memories are retained, but they no longer have the power to hurt you. Negative behavior dissolves effortlessly usually in a single session.

Watch and DO the simple reprogramming techniques WITH these 6 brave souls who had their TLTs videoed so that YOU could do the processes along with them, and heal as well.

You will learn how to clear negative emotions, such as anger, with Kimberly as she dissolves years of rage at her family. - Rachila was going to come up next to clear deep sadness, but she didn't need to because she had followed the process and used it on her grief while I worked with Kimberly.  Her grief was gone.



Watch me clear a rape trauma for Joni that caused a lifetime of not trusting herself. After 10 minutes her tears turn to laughter and 'I got this!' - 

Sophia hadn't been raped, but as she did the process with us she cleared not trusting herself.

What negative emotion do you want to release?

I created this course after watching the movie Inside Out

You get to go back in time and change your personal history to eradicate the suffering!
The work is done at a cellular level, it's a permanent fix, you are no longer a victim,

This is Shelly 18 months after we cleared her childhood molestation.

If you prefer live expert Guidance to lead you through dissolving your trauma. Contact me for a one on one session. I guarantee immediate positive results

Don’t worry if you live far away, most of the people I work with have never met me. Zoom or phone is fine. The work is guaranteed regardless of location, 

What trauma do you want to clear?

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When they say ” I woke up a different person” you say “Yeah right” but,,,you will wake up a different person I had a session last night with Joy and ,,,,I woke up a different person!
Joy has always been a powerful healer.
This timeline work she is doing has amplified her abilities to the universal umpteenth degree
I was very afraid to do this session for some reason (because I knew it would change my life)
It was remote over skype phone but distance doesn’t make a difference with this work.
If you want to make your life easier and change your life and the world for the better:
Book a session I’m not joking. You will be doing yourself and everyone around you a favor.
I will keep giving updates but for the morning after,,,,,I woke up a different person.
and I know my art that is my life will only evolve for the better from this session.
Thank you Joy for being EXACTLY who you are and for helping me be my highest self.

Bragitta Hodgson

I’m stunned. Money seems to be just pouring my way lately. I’ve almost made $700 in sales this morning and made $41 in tips. It’s insane! I gotta give props to my mob and The All for guiding me and Joy Phoenix for helping me unblock my poverty mentality. I’m so excited that I have many amazing and wise teachers manifested in my life right now. Seriously, I’m so thrilled, I feel like Goku in training mode on King Kai’s planet. Super determined and smiling through all the hard work. Soon I will have my teacher and Wizard house guest help me re-wire my chi flow to help me stop smoking and I train in Tai Chi and Qi Gong.
— feeling like a Super Saiyan.

Stacy MegaHan