Why I want you to be able to clear stress in 3 minutes or less

Sharing what I learned is what makes my crazy life make sense!

After being hit by a drunk driver at 24 doctors told me I’d be dead or brain dead by the time I was 30. The most compelling challenge I faced was whenever I became overly stressed, soft tissue would swell at the base of my skull, oxygen would stop flowing to my brain, and I would lose consciousness.

I knew I had about 3 minutes before blacking out completely.

At one point I was blacking out several times a day.

I never knew whether or not I would wake up from each blackout.

This lasted for about 18 months so I had a LOT of opportunities to think about what I would take to God as the sum total of my life if I died today. As you can imagine this radically shifted my priorities.

I became exceptionally motivated to finding easy ways to Clear Stress in 3 minutes or less.

I started studying alternative healing modalities. I’m certified in more than a dozen and skilled in many more. With each new craft I became stronger, clearer, more personally powerful, and more dedicated to combating stress, and helping others do it too.

The AMA tells us more than 90% of illness is stress related.

My long walk with Death had restructured what I wanted to do with my life.

I had become an inadvertent expert on stress management,

Stress kills more people than war and plagues combined.

I decided that the reason this happened to me is so I can share what I learned with as many people as possible. My personal Mission Statement went from ‘Millionaire by 30’ to  ‘Make each life that I touch better.’

I started traveling the Northern Hemisphere in July 2000 sharing these tools. They saved my life, so many times, very literally.

They produce immediate positive results for anyone who uses them, I guarantee it, I’m living proof of it.

Technology now makes it easy to share these emPOWERment tools through online courses like the one on this page.

The first 3 emPOWERment tools in the course are essential basics, they can mean the difference between life and death, and they will always be FREE. My gift to you.

They give you the ability to override the primitive brain center’s automatic reaction to stress, and replace it with a composed response to stress. Showing you how to

Relax instantly

Keep a clear head no matter what’s going on.

Clear stress from your body

Give them a go, observe the difference before and after, then pay it forward, share them with everyone you care about, invite them to do the same.

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