My mate Beverlee aka Aunt Be, had an intense 2017,  She is expanding Aunt Be’s Botanicals and living her Purpose with courage. Inevitably this sort of thing results in all kinds of miracles. Tonight we created yummy ones. 

We had planned to go to a meditation at the Salt Room, but we arrived too late.
This can only mean one thing!” I announced “This last phase of your sheroes journey to Nevada requires more in depth Radical Self Nurturing than a 60 minute meditation can provide. 
I”m taking you to a Korean Spa, it has a dry salt sauna, AND a warm jacuzzi, hot and hot tubs, a mud ball room, steam room, Jade room and more!
I’ll do better than a meditation for you, I’ll create a New Year/Era Journey to begin your next chapter RIGHT

And so it was. We (I was going to say splurged but hell NO! We wisely invested in treatments for ourselves. I timed it so we’d have 2 hours to enjoy the rooms before hand.

My words for this year are Courage, Brave, Growth and Abundance” Be told me.
With that in mind we started in the Salt Room and received a halarious manifestation of ‘So Mote It Be‘.
I had just cleansed and sealed her energy field and confirmed her absolute protection when a loud, angry woman burst through the door, hurling furious energy that bounced, like little lightning bolts, around the womblike room.
She took 6 steps into the room, and in cartoon style, all but bounced off an invisible wall, uttered an expletive, and exited as quickly as she’d entered. The door slammed behind her.

Be and I just looked at each other and laughed and laughed.

We toured all the rooms, receiving warmth and healing from each one.
Its important, after a highly stressful time or event, to gently bring one’s body back into balance. Assure one’s adrenal system, all the fight flight mechanisms, that any danger has passed. They have done well, and can now come off guard and rest and recover.

I offered her a piece of advice I’d like to share in case it helps someone else too.
When you decided that Courage and Brave would be words that marked the year, you set in motion things that would require you to be brave, to have courage. Are you SURE that’s the kind of year you want?
Those words have now been dropped from her 2018 Resolutions 

It’s always wise to check the ramifications of Resolution statements. 
I was known as Phoenix for an entire year of horrific spontaneous combustion. I lost Everything, over and over again.
I found out much later that was actually the Chinese Year of the Phoenix!

What words are you choosing this year? What do you want to embody in 2018?