What is a shaman?

I actually have 3 questions, what is a shaman really? What made you decide to be one? Would you recommend shamanism as a path?

There are so many interpretations of what a shaman is, everyone seems to be one these days.
It’s become a new age catch all. I’m from a different era, and it’s not a path I consciously chose.

I could never have imagined following a shamanic path. I was a corporate executive with a very 3D focus on mostly material goals and business achievements.

I was launched by the drunk driver into my destiny. I inadvertently became a shaman through a long series of intense trials and brutal tests.

I attribute much of my power to a man who, when I wouldn’t marry him, decided no-one else would have me either. He quit his job, joined a satanic cult, and sold his soul in return for my persecution.

I was forced to work tirelessly at strengthening my light, acquiring skills I would never have learned, and growing in power in order to survive.

I had asked to be a Powerful Light Worker making a Real Difference in the world.
But as much as I wanted this I am also lazy… so extreme motivation was provided
Because of it I grew stronger and faster than would’ve otherwise been possible.

I will give you this advice, it applies to all paths.

 When you make an earnest request of the Universe
Make sure you add the magic word

To answer your question; for me, being a shaman means living a life of devoted service. Including going where I am sent, doing what I am Guided to do, and Journeying to other realms and dimensions to bring back solutions to use in this one.

It’s different for everyone I’m sure. One thing I do know is, It you are supposed to be on a shamanic path, you will be placed on it. There will be no mistaking and no escaping it.

Let me know if you need Guidance.


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