The Sheroic Journey of Shannon Schear, Manifestor Extraordinaire!
Witness how healing anxiety stress and trauma result in miraculous physical change.

As for the method of the work; I am certified in more than a dozen different healing modalities, I apply whatever is relevant to each person – then I get out of the way. Healing comes through me, not from me. God is the reason for the miracles. I have the best seat in the house.

Working with Shannon is a privilege, she has survived things that are unimaginable to me. Like not being able to sleep since age 5 because she felt if she did she would die.

Imagine being 32 years old and never having slept more than two fitful, frightened hours at a time.
Doctors called it Anxiety Induced Insomnia and gave her pills to suppress it. It didn’t help.
…The abuse had started when she was 5.

This was her life, consumed by anxiety. Endlessly reliving things she felt powerless to change.

Unaddressed, the childhood trauma moved deeper into her body until it slowly, painfully immobilized her right arm and hands. Carpel tunnel, tendonitis and rheumatoid arthritis were diagnosed.
She had 6 surgeries over 16 months, they didn’t help. The cause was emotional.

We cleared her anxiety in the first session. In the second session she started to regain feeling in her arm.

Session #2 As we clear emotional trauma she regains feeling in her body. She had shut down being able to feel in order to survive, this reflected in her body. She had been carrying the weight of the world too long and was finally letting it go. Watch it happen

Then she started to regain use of her hands

Talking about what it was like inside her head before and after 2 sessions, whilst nailing the Moki Ball Challenge!


Session #3 I found she had a belly button ring – something that can cause enormous health challenges because it puts a metal bar through the Central Meridian; a major energy pathway in the body.
She took it out, I repaired the meridian, and she IMMEDIATELY started to ‘get her body back’

If you have a belly button ring or have had surgery that cut across the midline
this concerns you too! To begin healing your Central Meridian click here

When I repaired her Central Meridian, Shannon’s Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems started coming back online, everything changed. Watch her experience this reconnection in her body.

She hadn’t been able to eat properly because of the lifelong trauma and stress stored in her belly.
For the last five years she didn’t even know when she hungry.

Shannon is much stronger by the end of the third session. She’s no longer curled up in a protective ball.
Take note of how her belly looks, it changes dramatically in the 5th session.

We went out to lunch to celebrate. It’s confirmed, she LOVES eating again!


Session #4 Comparing arms, after a week her right arm has muscle tone – after 7 years of atrophy! How is this possible? Perks of being a Divine Channel!

Cold doesn’t hurt her any more, this tells us her circulation is starting to work again.
Her memories

Her Memories have lost their power to hurt her.

She’s doing PUSH UPS now!!


Session #5  Upstairs Management performed Psychic surgery on Shannon’s stomach

I was later able to video channeling Christ Light, my hand and arm are glowing gold, and her stomach shifting and changing as the organs rearranged themselves. These videos are restricted to White Peacock Academy Members.

Shannon’s face is changing, her eyes are changing color, the deep line between her eyes is leaving, she’s looking younger and softer and the tension dissolves. She is becoming HERSELF.