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Reprogram your brain so your memories can’t hurt you any more

TimeLine Transformation is a powerful reprogramming of the brain to remove trauma and sabotaging programs and patterns. Memories are retained, but they no longer have the power to hurt you. Negative behavior dissolves effortlessly usually in a single session. 

TimeLine work was what saved me after I was attacked in L.A. on January 28th 2015. I determined that the man who took my body for himself, would have no more of me than he had already stolen. After the authorities had been notified I turned my whole attention to my healing, ruthlessly deciding that this event would be the turning point that took my life to the next level. Refusing to indulge in any thought that would portray me as a victim.

I decided I would somehow make this the best thing that ever happened to me! – I had no idea how that could happen, it didn’t feel in any way possible, but I specialize in miracles and I would NOT let him take my power. A meteoric rise from the ashes would be my revenge.

And so it was, the week after the attack I somehow managed to complete a 5 day Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Training with the legendary Dr Matt James, that contained an aspect of TimeLine work that I had never used before. This began a cascade of healing that took me back to birth, eventually re-writing my entire life history. I then turned to helping other people re-write theirs:

The results were so extraordinary I decided I had to create an UDEMY course teaching basic TimeLine Transformation so that EVERYONE has access to this instant game changer. I released it on January 28th 2016. Here it is:

Priced at just $95, it is on special right now for $33 with the coupon code ’empower’

You watch and DO the simple reprogramming techniques WITH these brave souls who had their Transformations videoed so that YOU could do the processes along with them and heal as well.

You will learn how to clear negative emotions, such as anger, with Kimberly as she dissolves years of rage at her family. – Rachila was going to come up next to clear deep sadness, but she didn’t need to because she had followed the process while I worked with Kimberly so her grief was gone.

We cleared a rape trauma for Joni that had caused a lifetime of not trusting herself. After 10 minutes her tears had turned to laughter and ‘I got this!’ – Sophia hadn’t been raped, but as she did the process with us she cleared not trusting herself.

And that’s just the first two demonstrations.

 After the demonstrations you get to experience YOUR TimeLine.

Sometimes the course and audio meditation just won’t do it, you’ll need live expert Guidance to lead you through dissolving your trauma. Contact me for a free evaluation

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TimeLine Transformation sessions can be done over the phone. Immediate positive results are guaranteed or the session is free. LIFE transforming for all kinds of traumas, negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

Is there a part of your life you want transformed? A trauma, negative pattern or emotion you need cleared so that you can move into a powerful new era? Sign up for the UDEMY Course or Contact me for your personal Transformation

Here are a few comments from my FB page:

Bragitta Hodgson‎ When they say ” I woke up a different person” you say “Yeah right” but,,,you will wake up a different person I had a session last night with Joy and ,,,,I woke up a different person!

Joy has always been a powerful healer.
This timeline work she is doing has amplified her abilities to the universal umpteenth degree
I was very afraid to do this session for some reason (because I knew it would change my life)
It was remote over skype phone but distance doesn’t make a difference with this work.

If you want to make your life easier and change your life and the world for the better:
Book a session I’m not joking. You will be doing yourself and everyone around you a favor.

I will keep giving updates but for the morning after,,,,,I woke up a different person.
and I know my art that is my life will only evolve for the better from this session.
Thank you Joy for being EXACTLY who you are and for helping me be my highest self.


Stacy MegaHan I’m stunned. Money seems to be just pouring my way lately. I’ve almost made $700 in sales this morning and made $41 in tips. It’s insane! I gotta give props to my mob and The All for guiding me and Joy Phoenix for helping me unblock my poverty mentality. I’m so excited that I have many amazing and wise teachers manifested in my life right now. Seriously, I’m so thrilled, I feel like Goku in training mode on King Kai’s planet. Super determined and smiling through all the hard work. Soon I will have my teacher and Wizard house guest help me re-wire my chi flow to help me stop smoking and I train in Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

 — feeling like a Super Saiyan.


Shelly Meeks‎ It was an incredible experience meeting you, Joy Phoenix! Our session was definitely remarkable. I’m still a little in shock at how completely different I feel! For a long time, I’ve felt like I’ve carried a burden that wasn’t mine, but never did I imagine we could go back into another life & heal forward! I slept so soundly last night & awoke feeling amazing! I feel like my eyes are getting clearer & clearer! I’ve told clients about you already & I’ve handed out Joy generators!:) A million thanks to you! Xoxoxo
 Update from Shelly a few weeks later:

The peacefulness is AWESOME! & I used to have anxiety attacks driving over bridges & now I don’t! I have been seeing clearer & clearer! I’ve put my foot down more with my boys & they’ve responded positively!:) 

My schedule has become busier!:) Friends I hadn’t talked to in awhile have reached out to ask about you.
I’m loving the calm feeling I have that I have no need to worry!:)  I feel like more & more changes are coming! I feel my body shifting, like weight is already falling off!

Sheri Lee Stewart 3 sessions, 3 hours total to help someone who had all the tools and could use them to help everyone except her own self, Sometimes healers need healing, we all need Assistance
I still stub my toes on issues but now I am able to clear my stuff in SECONDS!
Thank you JOY.

I had my first session with JOY in 2009, it unearthed many different things, moving Stuff from bottom to midway.
I felt like the video of the little Hummingbird who was stuck in a piece of gum, before JOY facilitated the sessions with me
It was as though I didn’t fit in at all, I was feeling not heard and extremely angry,
After I couldn’t believe I felt this way, it’s hard to remember Now when I think back, my mind says ‘God how could I have felt like that! The thought makes me want to turn my nose up!”

In May 2015 I realized I still had pieces stuck. So I had a second session with JOY.
I went from not wanting to be in the world, feeling like I was being made to heel, sit and stay my whole life, worse than a dog, screaming but no-one could hear me.
JOY heard me, and re connected me to my guides and angels.
Now I feel equal, I feel right, whole and balanced within myself. JOY did this for me.
I have studied time line, aswell as NLP, and many other things, that I spent a plethora of money on. I have spent many year’s clearing out old stuff, and felt good afterwards, however all of that stuff continued to relocate to the mid and upper areas, It really is a learning curve this game of life. Then I guess I was finally ready, They say the teacher will be there when the student is ready. Soo Thank You JOY smile emoticon

I had a third session and suddenly I could fly again, I didn’t feel like I was dying any more. Prior to this, I was waking up many morning’s with dread. Now everything is in its place. instead of discombobulated and looking like swamp water,
My body mind, & emotions are so much more awake, and alive now, and so is my spirit, & my soul. Everything is far more balanced
My breathing is better than it has been in years.
Headaches are almost completely gone, they used to last for weeks.
Long term aches and injuries are gone or at least I know why they are happening and what to do to fix it.
After this third session I feel likes it’s Christmas every day. FINALLY! it’s all so simple now, I understand so much more. I am not saving shit any more, it’s all gone to the trash,
Thank you JOY

Sheri Lee


Here is why TimeLine Transformations impacts everyone in your direct genetic line.