Give you, and your loved ones, the gift of more time!

Time is not a static thing, it can be played with, it can be influenced – An hour at the dentist having root canal is NOT the same amount of time as an hour with a beloved you may never see again.

This JOYminar goes beyond time management to demonstrate a mind blowing technique to literally lengthen and shorten your time line to create the time you need. It’s also a powerful healing tool.

In a video taken on a yacht in LA, you’ll experience every attendee doing the technique, see each person receive a different kind of healing. Witness your own unexpected physical, mental and emotional responses to this Time Line Technology.

The suggested donation is $11.11. Please donate more if you can, and if  you really can’t manage that, contact me and we’ll work something out

Time for You

Benefits include:

* Never feel pushed for time again!
* Extend your time line to get in more sleep, when you are in a time crunch, just not wanting the night to end…
* Retract it to shorten a long flight, a dental appointment, a boring date…
* Align it with your partner so you are both on the same time line.

In this video you will witness people experience:

* Improved breathing – one lady’s sinuses cleared up
* Some people experience feeling more relaxed, more grounded, more present
* Others feel more alive, see and hear more vividly, One woman found it made her feel ‘high’
* Everyone was able to move forward more easily.

At the end of the video there is a bonus ‘time travel into the future’ which results in these comments and more:

* “This brought me powerfully into my integrated self.”
* “Now I can ground my vision of the future in the present, I don’t have to know how, I just know it will happen. It’s taken a lot of pressure off, I’m not getting in my own way.”
* “I am rewriting what I’m doing, the obstacles are no longer there”

BONUS FEATURES with the video include:

* The Cliff notes for this 105 minute presentation:
* How to expand the present moment
* How to adjust time flying when you’re having fun, and dragging when you want it to go fast – and visa versa

* What to do when you want an hour, and he thinks five minutes is about right.

PLUS Bonus Time Techniques!!

To help you do that things you’ve been meaning to get around to when you have the time but never do because you are always too busy  

AND how to literally carve more productive time out of your day!

Time for You

“A special thank to you for a real, 3rd dimension miracle that happened today. I was LATE, undoubtedly late, if we believe in time that is. For the first time since I learnt it, I used your magic timeline techniques in a real situation. I had 35 minutes max to do something that would take one hour usually, was starting to panic and feel pressed. Chose not to panic, remembered your lessons, time is an illusion that we can master. Compressed what I needed to do, expanded the present moment, felt relieved immediately. Everything went much faster than usual. But this is not the miracle yet. I was so taken by the timeline manipulation that I did not carry my watch (makes sense actually). I came back after I had done everything, looked at the time, and it was EXACTLY the same time of when I left. Same watch. Done everything in 0 minute. Walked 5 blocks to and from, checked bills, signed, collected money, 5 blocks back. No time had passed”.  Fabio Barbieri