HA! Got an instant example of this when I watched the followup video.
I was ‘OMG my hair!’ – I could swear I had looked in the mirror before I filmed. There wasn’t time to do another take.

I was frustrated with myself because I hadn’t noticed my hair was running riot.
I used the feeling of frustration as a trigger to remind me to STOP my train of thought in it’s tracks.
Let go of any self flagellating thought, and shift to thoughts of ‘what do I want to do about it’.
I thought about attempting to tame my hair and re-record, but I realized; I’m going to be vlogging EVERY DAY, y’all had better get used to seeing me with messy hair!

I’m shooting a Wild Wish Women Reality Roadshow with Penelope V Pendragon.
We’ll be having Wild Adventures traveling the Western United States in a 28′ RV for the next 8 months
We’re just praying for good lighting!

I went from being aghast at my unruly hair, to finding it hilariously appropriate, in approximately 4 minutes using the De-Worrying Process from ‘No Worries Mate’

Giving myself permission to be messy, and declaring it to you up front, feels good. I’m committing to vulnerability in these Vlogs!