This time 6 months ago the tools in Dr Matt James’ 5 Day NLP Practitioners Training changed the course of my life. Now here I am taking the course again, a completely different person, boggling at the changes. Excited to see what the results are this time.

We did ‘Parts Integration’ today, the technique that uncovered the aspect of me who didn’t think I deserved to live –solving the mystery of all my near death experiences and ongoing illnesses.

This technique is for when one part of you wants to do something, but another part is in conflict about it. In my case part of me wanted to be fit and healthy and eat things that are nourishing and good for me, while another part just wanted to blob on the couch and eat junk, and get exercise pushing my luck.

Parts Integration includes putting the opposing parts in different hands, imagining what they look and sound and feel like, and asking them what their purpose is.

The last time I did this training this ‘blob’ part of me was starving and filthy and wretched and wanted to die.  It turned out to be my two day old self, covered in feces, desperately alone after being taken from my mother at birth and left to die.

Having discovered her, I was able, over the next few days, to heal and integrate her. The shift in me was massive.

Today as Parts Integration came up again, I wondered what would be revealed this time. My wish was still the same, I wanted to be healthy and fit and have a good and nourishing diet, yet there was still a part of me that couldn’t pull it off.  I entered the exercise with some trepidation after the last action packed experience.

This time I saw my 6 year old self in the opposing hand, shortly after she was joined by my 8year old self, then a bunch of other child aspects. They were not traumatized thank God, but they were all milling about confused.

Suddenly I was struck by the realization that they, I, had no idea of how to be fit and healthy because I have always been sick and physically challenged! I’ve never had the experience of being healthy and strong.

I was a sickly child with many allergies and ailments, and a twice yearly asthma/bronchitis/pleurisy/pneumonia cycle that left me with significantly weakened lungs and immune system.

Dancing was my only exercise, and after I was declared dead for two and a half minutes on the operating table following a motor bike accident at 15, doctors said I’d never walk again let alone dance.

I’d just recovered from that when I was hit by the drunk driver and told I’d dead or brain dead before 30.

A bizarre eating disorder uncovered in a TimeLine correction 12 years ago saw to it that my diet was always atrocious; I ate vegetables for the first time only a few months ago.

I am brilliant in the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional realms, and clueless when it comes to knowing how to take care of my physical self. I’d always sort of known this, but I didn’t register why or where it stemmed from until today.

“What does the part of you who wants you to be fit and healthy look like?” my partner asked, and I turned my attention to my other hand.
“A radiant Light Being” I told him “It’s my Higher Self.”

That aspect of me beamed down on the young parts of me, bringing reassurance and comfort, calming the confusion, promising Guidance. There was no objection, just relieved acceptance from the child parts of me that had been blocking my progress.

Then they were integrated into myself as a whole. And I now feel calm hope about moving forward, instead of perplexed and vaguely hopeless.

I am left marveling, as I often do, at the complexity of the human mind, the vastness of the subconscious, and the powerful simplicity of these techniques. Thank you Dr Matt. Thank you Higher Self.

I’m looking forward to the promised Guidance.

I can tell you it begins with Nancy Parker

Who is guiding my first steps along the nutrition path with a 10 day Mindful Meals program.

I’ll let you know how I go.