13584884_10154496851752214_6859430602069993812_oI am looking for a few people who want a Magical Mentor to help them rapidly take their lives to the next level – by bringing JOY.

A JOYride is an invitation to those Lightworkers wanting help moving to the next level in some part of their lives, who might not be able to afford a private session with me.

You comfortably, safely deliver me to wherever I need to go.

You give me your wish list when I get in the car; by the time we are at my appointment, you feel clearer…

Often on multiple levels…

You have skills to help create the life you choose…

Whether you’ve been doing the work for decades….

Or a relatively short time, car sessions are a fast track.

To all kinds of skills and tools.

Contact me if you are a Good Safe Driver with flexible time and a desire to up level, and tell me, what’s on your wish list!

I often take one way trips- Upstairs Management always knows who to put me with for the next ride to the next place.

If it’s a 2 way trip, you will be given a JOYscription to do while I am at my appointment. On the way home we will discuss what happened as the result, and go deeper into how it changes your life for the better.