Corporate Qualifications

Originator, Co-Founder and Chief Liaison for Support 24: Established originally as GUICare in 1984. This company was Australia’s first independent third-party computer software support organization.

Creator of four government-funded, nationally accredited traineeships that introduced an entirely new career path into the IT industry, creating thousands of jobs.

Created a strategy that saved more than 45% of the 6.5 million dollars spent annually in end-user computing costs for every 1000 P.C.s. in Australia.

Co-founded Software Solutions on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Single-handedly co-opted the written support of every major computer company in Australia to Change State and Federal Government policies.

First woman to be elected to the Queensland branch of the Australian Information Industry Association.

First individual ever to be nominated for an Award for Excellence in IT&T Industry Development. (1995)

Holistic Health Qualifications

Member of the Australian Association of Accredited Alternative & Natural Therapists – AAANT

Certified in Specialized Kinesiology:
Understanding and clearing negative beliefs
Clearing negative patterns
Dyslexia and other learning difficulties
Behavioral genetics – face reading
Structural neurology
Emotional stress defusion
Pain behaviors

Ultimate Healing Facilitator 1 -7:
Negative programming
Immune system
Brain integration
Polarity stresses
Heart integration
Organ stresses
Fears and phobias
Grief and guilt

Blue Printing – 3 in 1 Concepts:
Understanding and clearing core beliefs
Ericksonian hypnosis

Spiritual Iridology:
Goes ones step further than traditional iridology –
Diagnosing physical imbalances as evidenced in the structure and appearance of the iris, pupil and sclera
Understanding the emotional causes of those imbalances. Treating the cause

Energy healing with sacred symbols

Holistic Pulsing:
Oxygenation of the body combined with trauma release at a cellular level

Neurolinguistic Programming:

The study of excellence, with particular focus on communication and change management

Clearing negative emotions

Dissolving emotional trauma painlessly

Clearing negative behaviors, fears and phobias


Emotional Freedom Technique – tapping.
Also experienced in:

Brain Gym:
Hemispheric integration through Dennison Laterality Repatterning relating to whole brain functioning

Self Actualization Therapy:
Client-based understanding of their problems through personal examination of their experiences.

Couple and Family Counselling:
Using a combination of skills, including structure function and belief-change work

Clearing energy blockages using sound

Grids, balancing, clearing, re-energizing using crystal technology

Sacred Geometry:
The healing space is set up using this ancient technology and more.

Color balancing and color allergies

Clairvoyant and Psychic:
Able to communicate with your guides and help you to do so too.

Shamanic Qualifications

Born into a matriarchal line of psychics. Raised minutes from where ‘Rivendell’ was filmed in Lord of the Rings. Deep connections with, and understanding of, Mother Earth and her creatures .

Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, precognitive, psychic, medium, trance channel.

Studied shamanism in New Zealand, Australia, North and South America. Worked with Maori, Aboriginal, Lakota, Navajo, Puebla, Hopi, Aztec, Toltec, Mayan, Peruvian and Huichol shamanes.

Physically died and was brought back to this life on multiple occasions: Lived with Death as a constant companion for 18 months after a major car accident.

Reprogrammed the neurological pathways of my brain to bypass brain damage caused in the car accident. Learned how to access different parts of the brain – and different dimensions and perspectives. – The IT&T successes and spontaneous healings were all achieved after traditional medicine gave up on me.

Traveling the world in service, teaching what I’ve learned from my journeys and challenges. Guided entirely by ‘Upstairs Management’; completely committed to helping the condor (ancient wisdom) and the eagle (modern technology) to fly together to raise the vibration of the planet, so that we might continue to have an earth on which to live.

2015 I asked for enhanced brain functioning and my prayer was answered by Grandmother Spider. I was bitten next to the Brainstem by a Black Widow Spider  (Always shake your lawn chairs out)

She told me if I could transmute the poison it would give me what I wanted.
And that was the beginning of the White Peacock Woman Journey

Writing Experience

Published author:

‘Babies Are People Too‘ as seen on Good Morning Australia.

‘No Worries, Mate!‘ recommended by Joe Vitale, featuring the De-Worrying Process, which money-back-guarantees to eliminate worries at their source.

Featured on 60 Minutes TV show debate with Education Minister after this article. Click here

Columnist and feature writer for Your Destiny Magazine, The Tribune, PV Mirror.

Freelance journalist and feature writer specializing in ‘how to’ articles on how to live a more joyful, less stressful life.

Miscellaneous Kudos

First female security sales engineer in Australasia.

Inventor of the SNITCH – anti-shoplifting device which sold nationwide and is still in use as far as we know.

Creator of Aureum International Executive card for Quaife Kerr Marketing in New Zealand. In twelve months went from door-to-door sales to creating this executive program, and heading the division for it.

Died 6 times, returned each time with new perspectives and gifts. Living proof you only get to die when it’s your time.

I am creating www.whitepeacockacademy.com: Practical Magic Education for Lightworkers with Muggle World Challenges
Let me know if you are interested in being part of a real life Magical Academy