People are drawn to one-on-one time with me when they are ready for a Quantum Leap in health, relationships or career.

My North American friends dubbed me The Wish Granter because people bring me wishes for their health and happiness. I help clear blocks, traumas and sabotaging programs, repattern the brain for optimal JOY, and share tools and skills so they can keep themselves clear.

I am also known as The Cosmic Ass Kicker. If you need subtlety or political correctness  you have come to the wrong place. I’m a New Zealander, I say what I mean and mean what I say. I have a low foofoo tolerance, and just like to get the job DONE. I put my money where my mouth is:

I guarantee immediate positive results with all of my work or it’s free
Most of my clients have never met me. I work over the phone or Zoom

Rodney came to me in a nightmare of quiet despair, he hated his life. He was not able to imagine a way he could ever be happy.
6 months later he is living the dream he once dared not dream –in Every part of his life.

The work is done on multiple levels, including cellular, the change is permanent.

I work with grief and trauma, illness and injury, negative patterns, depression, pain, self sabotage and much more.

People say I perform miracles, but the secret to my success is founded in three common sense principles.

get out of the way

I am compensated for my time, skills
and experience, but the Healing is free.
This Life Changing Power comes through me,
not from me.
That’s why I can guarantee immediate positive results.

address causes not symptoms

I honor symptoms for the fact that they are
drawing my attention to a cause.
I treat the cause and the symptoms
‘miraculously’ go away.

I work with people not problems

Holistic health addresses the whole being,
Body, Mind and Spirit.
So the issue is completely dealt with
and doesn’t need to keep recreating. 

I have extraordinary success in helping people overcome every imaginable challengePhysical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual, because

    • I’ve been collecting emPOWERment tools that produce more JOY and less stress in 3 minutes or less, for more than 25 years. I can Skill You Up to cope more effectively with anything life throws at you.
    • Perspective is my strongpoint. I have 6 NDEs, each time I’ve been returned with new Gifts and Uncommon Perspectives... The kind of Perspective that brings Resonant Awareness and total Healing.
    • I specialize in Reprogramming the Brain to eliminate self sabotaging ‘virus programs’, and to remove the negative emotional charge from memories, so they lose their power to hurt you.

  • While I am working with your conscious and subconscious minds, my body is operating as a Vessel, allowing Divine Healing to flow through me, into you. 

My work includes

    • Connecting you with Source and your Guides, helping you establish a clear, ongoing communication with them
    • Clearing blocks and underlying beliefs that may be sabotaging your success and Joy
    • Helping you discover Who you Really are and what you are here to do
    • Centering you in your own unique power, and Showing you how to maintain that power.
    • Helping you understand the messages your body is sending you
  • Giving you skills to help you cope more quickly and effectively with ANY fear, stress or challenge, ON THE SPOT!

for example

I am an expert at clearing stress in 3 minutes or less because, after the car accident, my life depended on it. I share the things I’ve learned in my long journey back to health. It’s how I make sense of my crazy life.

Wishes involving stress are usually be cleared in a single session . You measure your stress levels before the session, by the time our hour is up
I guarantee your stress will be gone, and you’ll leave the session with the tools to clear your stress as it arises so you don’t become a statistic.

This does not mean I have a magic wand!

Some issues require more than one session. Some clients have multiple issues or just want ongoing support. That’s why I have a variety of packages available.
To qualify to work with me you need to be 100% willing to take full personal responsibility for your health and happiness, and for any JOYscriptions that support your healing and empowerment.

Belief is not required.
There is no risk, I guarantee immediate, positive results or the work is free.

I can teach you how to Triumph Regardless of circumstance, and how to come out the other side of your challenges with your joy intact.

Rebecca experienced many changes in my 12 month Life Transformation Program. She is a single mother with 4 young children including one with special needs. She also  owns 3 companies, and was juggling every crisis imaginable in 2016.  Working with me, against all odds, she Thrived through the most difficult year of her life, to be featured nationwide on MSNBC for her accomplishments.

What’s on your wish list?

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