Miracle Updates

The Miracle Updates are the story of how a life transformation specialist is forced to walk her talk in a terrifying scenario.

JOY left her home in Austin went to Nuevo Larado for the day to renew her New Zealand visitor’s visa.

When she tried to re-enter her visa was cancelled, she was told she and could apply for another visa – in a year.

She had only the clothes she walked across the border in, she knew no-one in Mexico, she spoke no Spanish, and her 13 year old daughter was waiting for her to come home…

I experienced a LOT of emotions in that challenging year, worry was not one of them. Click here for the book that started it all:

The Miracle Updates are awaiting funds to be published, currently they are being mastered as an audio book.

Here are the first 6 chapters:

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Chapters 7 – 9 ‘cos I can’t leave you at the end of chapter 6!

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Meantime, Because every woman needs to know this before she visits Latin America, here is a link to an extract from the Miracle Updates that became the most popular article I’ve ever written.  http://www.banderasnews.com/0505/vl-heybonita.htm It’s the difference between Latino and Gringo men called Hey Bonita, you want a Mexican husband?