I don’t drive in the United States, I give JOYrides.

A Mobile Shamanic Counseling service in return for safe travel.

You give me your wishlist when I get in the car, by the time we get to my appointment
You have what you need to make your wishes come true more quickly and easily, while having way more fun along the way.

If it’s a return trip you’ll be given a JOYscription to do while I’m at my appointment
We work with that on the way home.

You must be willing to have FUN!

Lauren's car session was so fun! She did not expect this.I love that car Sessions give me the chance to mentor people

Posted by Joy Phoenix on Friday, October 9, 2015

I’m in North Las Vegas till 2018, register below if you are a good, safe driver who keeps a good following distance and can multi task, I’ll put you on the JOYride Roster.