Miraculous Healing Here

After five months of being critically ill with an ‘incurable’ bone infection in Puerto Vallarta, I received Guidance to climb Popocatepetl, the 2nd highest Mountain in Mexico.
‘Upstairs Management’ wanted me to do a planetary healing from this very active, forbidden volcano, on June 21st 2010; Summer Solstice.
The first oil spill was polluting the Gulf and the message came through loud and clear.

Climb Popocateptl on the Solstice, do an Earth Healing, you will leave the infection on the mountain.”

I still don’t know how but I did it. And I’m sharing this because

The Force that healed my infection is now available to YOU, Free!   Here’s the story…

Here’s the video I took on Popocateptl – don’t just watch it, do it WITH me – that’s how you access the healing


21st June; Solstice 2010: Linda, Eduardo and I arrive at the base of Popocatépetl a little before 6.30am, just as the sky is beginning to lighten.

We park in the car park nearest the road block and get out, keeping an eye out for the guards. I am nervous, for so many reasons. Not about being caught, Popo would never allow that to happen. But I have no idea what to expect, or how I will climb a mountain when I’ve spent most of the year critically ill in bed.

I just know I have to do this, I have been summoned here, and this is about more than my crazy relationship with this volcano, this is the power spot in which we will do the Solstice earth healing.

I take a deep breath and lead the way through the road blocks and on to the path that leads to the volcano. It is bitingly cold after tropical Puerto Vallarta. I can see my breath as well as Popo’s.

We stop at the electric fence that encircles the entire volcano. It’s decision making time, Eduardo is ready to turn back; trespassing could equal Mexican jail time here. I have to move fast or we’ll lose him, but is the fence live? I ask for an animal sign.

A bird lands on the fence post and cocks its head at me. I flash on my friend David sitting in the sanctuary he’s created in El Tuito back in Vallarta, sending me strength and healing and guidance on this day. He works with the winged ones.

Deep breath, alright then, I didn’t come this far to be electrocuted. Soy Youalli Oceloziuatl, I am protected I stick my hand on the fence, exhale in relief, and dodge through, holding it up for Linda and the reluctant Eduardo. Our journey to Smoking Mountain has begun.

The light is beautiful in the pine forest as the sun begins to rise; dew sparkles magically on the tufts and the colours are surreal. We are never left in doubt as to which path to follow, though we have to scramble over and through several fences and closed roads before we finally reach the foot of the volcano.

Much to my relief, Popo is nothing like the mountains at home in New Zealand. Climbing him is more like going for a really long walk uphill through forests and grass tufts. It’s exhausting especially at this altitude after coming straight from sea level, but as promised Popo gives me strength and draws me up… and up.

Where are we going exactly?” Eduardo asks. “I’ll know when we get there” is my true, but less than reassuring answer.

We have come through the lowlands and are now climbing seriously. I am grabbing the tufts and using them to pull myself up with. My pneumonia weakened lungs are gasping for air. Linda and I are taking turns at having mini health crisis’s as we climb. I am amazed at how well we are doing, at what we are doing, climbing this forbidden volcano against all odds.

We must do the things we cannot do” becomes my mantra as I struggle and fall, and rise again and struggle and fall and weep with pain as my tendons scream in protest. I crawl; hand over hand from tuft to tuft toward the top of the highest rise yet.

Linda and Eduardo are already up and over, I don’t think I can make it, I keep getting tangled up in my cape and water bottle, I can’t breathe, I CAN’T BREATHE.

“HELP ME POPO! I can’t go any further.” I slip and collapse, staying put where I fall, afraid I’ll slide further down and have to climb back up again. I calm my breathing and reach out to him. “You’re gonna have to bring me the rest of the way, I’m done.”

Suddenly I am filled, slowly but surely, with calm. “You can do it, I will help you.” And together we begin again until finally I am over the ridge where Linda and Eduardo point out a hummingbird showing the way to the next part of the journey.

I don’t know how far we have walked, or for how long. All concept of time ceases to exist as we are drawn steadily on, and up resting as needed.

And suddenly we are there, and all of us know it, we have found the place where we are to do the earth healing. The photos and video don’t begin to capture the energy of this place, and the presence of the hulking snow speckled volcano

I lay down in a nest of bluebonnets, connecting immediately to my Austin family: Spring in Austin is rich with these beautiful flowers. From this vantage I watch as Popo puffs out hearts for me, I almost managed to capture one on film. The experience is beyond description. We made it!

Against all odds we climbed this sacred mountain and found the place that was calling us to do the healing. We summon the directions and the air becomes increasing charged as we begin the ceremony. I record a part of the healing mediation. It’s certainly not my best work, and the video quality is that of a cheap borrowed camera, but considering the circumstances – and it works!

Linda and Eduardo rest after the earth healing. I cannot rest. I have to get closer, I leave them in this magical place and continue to climb; deliberately not thinking about how I am going to make it back again.

The tufts become more sparse, and rich dark volcanic ash more common as I continue trekking upward in my ridiculous lace up jeans and open sneakers. I reflect back on my previous strange encounters with Popo and can’t help but wonder what lies ahead.

Finally I reach yet another fence, this one is barbed wire in alarmingly good nick. It reaches as far as my eye can see. Getting over that is going to be brutal.

I stand at the fence and open my heart wide calling out to Popo. “Now what?!”

Without warning the volcanic activity goes nuts! Great darkening plumes of smoke start pumping from his crater, the energy on the mountain shifts abruptly and I hear Linda yelling frantically for me to come down NOW.

“You can’t be serious! After all this it’s going to end here?!”

“No, it doesn’t end here. Go back to the hotel, you are to stay another night.”

“Ok, but you are going to have to help me get back down again, it took half an hour to climb from Linda and Eduardo to here, they are leaving now, I have to make the trip back to them in minutes.”

A bird calls overhead and flies across my path leading me away from the grass tufts, I follow it and laugh when it leads me to a clear path of hard packed ash that runs straight down the mountain. “Where the heck was this when I was struggling up through the tufts?!”

I set off at a jog, spurred by Linda’s calls, they have set off and I don’t think I can find my way back down without them. I DO make the trip back in just a few minutes and manage to catch up with them as they hare down the path.

The air has changed, it’s charged, colder, darker. Until this point the weather could not have been more perfect. I know it won’t rain despite the fact that it has done so every day and night for a week, I am not quite so sure that Popo won’t blow his top, but I’m certain we won’t be hurt if he does. Eduardo doesn’t have the same sense of security.

I can’t keep up with them, my hips and knees are giving out, I am very grateful for the birds continuing to guide us to paths far easier than the ones we came up on. Eventually the pain becomes so bad and my joints so wobbly that I stop trying to keep up and slow down to a more comfortable ambling walk, I need all the air I can get at this elevation.

It’s more than pain and elevation which slows me though, I don’t feel complete, there’s something else I need to do on Popo and I don’t know what it is.

In despair I stop at the fence line that is the demarcation of Popo’s body, beyond this I am climbing back down to his feet. “Please show me what else I am to do.”

Suddenly my eye is caught by a flash of iridescent blue on my path. It is a dead baby bird, clearly just fallen out of a nest moments before, its tiny body is still warm. I am stunned, what does this mean?

The vision comes immediately, I am to take one of its wings.

A part of me is horrified by the idea, but the sacrifice is clear, and profoundly humbling. Gently I pull the wing away from the fragile body, honouring this precious creature that laid down to die at my feet so that this moment could ocurr. To my relief it is relatively easy to snip the wing with just my nails. I lay the tiny body wing side up on a black volcanic rock, and it falls into a phoenix position, looking just as if it is going to soar up and away.

My ears fill with a roaring sound and my mind is consumed with the image of the Phoenix rising as a baby bird from the ashes of its former self. I scoop up black volcanic ash and put it into the Microdose bottle that ‘just happened’ to empty on the volcano, it is a homeopathic dose of ‘Todo Embryo’ Complete embryo.

I gently wrap the wing in a tissue and put it next to the ash in the embryo bottle. Very aware that I am carrying the ashes of my beloved, with the ultimate sacrifice of a guide who embodies the Phoenix. I don’t think about what it means, or about anything beyond this moment. I only know what is, and that I still have a long way to go down the mountain.