Aura Cleanse


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 Morning Aura Cleanse: Set this as your alarm and

Your stress levels will drop

Your energy levels will rise

Your overall wellness will increase

You won’t take on other people’s ‘stuff’ so much – I never leave home without doing this!

Evening Aura Cleanse: Aka JOY!’s Insomnia cure 😉 Do this at bedtime to clear the stress of the day.

Your sleep will be more restful

You will awaken more refreshed


Each guided meditation has been lovingly crafted with NLP and Eriksonian Hypnosis for maximum benefit.
No matter what you auric field looks like it will benefit from daily cleansing – just as you benefit from daily bathing.

The suggested donation is $11.11  If you can offer more it helps me share more, if you really can’t manage that, contact me and we’ll work something out.


This is an Essential skill for energy sensitive people. I used to be agoraphobic. I had become so energy sensitive that whenever I left the environment I’d created for my protection, I would feel so bombarded by negativity that I would become physically ill. I literally couldn’t leave my house, for a year!

Then I learned how to cleanse and seal my aura. I can now travel anywhere in the world and feel safe and clear, and not take on other people’s stuff!

No-one should be without this essential knowledge. PLEASE Teach it to your children: “Have you washed your face? Have you brushed your teeth? Have you cleansed and sealed your aura?” Do it for them if they are too young.


Maria’s unexpected results after listening to these meditations for a year