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April 14th 2016 Nuclear reactor fears after huge earthquake strikes Japan” — Plant operator “is further looking into any possible damage” — Quake measured “at highest possible level” on Japan’s intensity scale — Prime Minister: “We intend to do the utmost to grasp situation” — Official: “Extent of damage still unclear” (VIDEOS)


Radiation has been pouring from crippled Nuclear power plant at Fukushima for more than four years. The situation is dire. There is no magic barrier that separates Japan from the rest of the world. The irradiation of the Pacific Ocean effects us ALL.I_013_3_
This is what irradiated water looks like through a dark field microscope.

The media doesn’t mention Fukushima when, and if, they talk about the many large marine mammals found dead around California and the herrings disappearance, the mutant fish and missing salmon – so I’ve put Fukushima updates at the bottom of this page because Ignorance is NOT Bliss if it’s slowly killing youhttp://freedomoutpost.com/2014/01/36-signs-media-lying-fukushima-radiation-affecting-west-coast/

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t effecting you. And your children.

The good news is we Can do something about it, Dr Emoto, a Japanese Scientist, showed us how we can transform water to heal our world AND ourselves.

When we bless the waters, we are blessing ourselves.  I found this out in an amazing way:

imageeI’d been sending love, gratitude and healing to the Pacific the first BP Oil Spill. I was living in Costa Rica walking 5 minutes down to bless the oceans every morning. One day I fell out of a tree, and instead of taking 5 minutes to get there, it took 40 minutes. I finally collapsed in the warm water of the Pacific and set about focusing love and gratitude as usual. Then much to my astonishment, I got up and the pain had gone! Without intending to, in blessing the waters around me, I had been healed.

Here is how you can access miraculous healing for yourself and our world.

bfde6c6dbdbf31e2f2f8fd74e534806a_1iblWhen we call on Divine Intervention to help us. The response is noticable!
A wonderful group joined me in San Diego to bless the waters.
The colors that came through were mind blowing.

Does this really work?? Here’s one news report after dedicated light workers focused attention on turning ‘super storms’ away from Fukushima:

Mysterious Energy Pulse Threatens Typhoon “Business”
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

“This week, one typhoon and one tropical storm simply vanished while heading toward Japan.
They were abruptly turned northward, sparing Japan and then simply vanished.
The MSM has responded with a news blackout. There are no explanations.”

Typhoon “Disappears” Off Japan

Keep it up Rainbow Warriors!!


What might happen for all of us if we all focused love on the oceans together?

Let’s find out. Please.

It costs nothing, and the difference it makes to us as individuals is profound – our bodies, like the world, are mostly water.


It’s not just Dr Emoto who verifies this. This is what other scientists discovered.

Won’t you join me every sunset, every time you are near the ocean, every time you feel concern about what’s happening to the ocean, focus love and gratitude. Let’s turn this around, together.

You can be a Hero and Help save the world in a minute and a half!

It is a simple and beautiful thing to send healing to the ocean. Join us from wherever you are, at sunset every day to imagine the oceans filled with protective love and healing dissolving any radiation.

Play the Water Dragon game whenever you feel concern for the oceans, it will always make YOU feel good too 😀
It is a fabulous game that will help this situation in just a few minutes.
Imagine the Water Dragons surrounding Japan, taking out the radiation.
It’s so easy and fun to make a difference. Join us, please, it’s time to be a hero, this is the moment we transform our world.

 structuresEvery time you see or hear anything about the ocean, especially something that concerns you, focus love and gratitude instead of fear and anger.

With enough of us doing this we can pull this off, we can save our world

It’s a game the whole family can play

On this 4th anniversary, please share this page with your friends, this is going to take all of us. Who knows, you could be the 100th monkey 🙂


Here are 4 petitions to sign– If you haven’t signed them all yet, please do, and let others know. Fukushima is the most imminent threat we face in this dangerous world.

Today TEPCO begins removing spent fuel rods from the pool on top of Unit 4, a hazardous operation that is expected to take about a year. The headlines below give an idea of the huge risk involved. If there is a disaster, the US West Coast will be severely affected. Please keep sending out this petition http://www.change.org/petitions/west-coast-senators-investigate-the-ongoing-danger-from-the-fukushima-nuclear-reactors?utm_source=supporter_message&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=petition_message_notice

Meanwhile, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, holder of the Sacred White Buffalo Pipe, held a gathering of First Nation elders in October to pray about Fukushima. What emerged is a statement urging a return to caring for Mother Earth http://caretakersofmotherearth.com/ – this is an online petition. Chief Looking Horse delivered this message to the UN last week. http://enenews.com/yale-chief-arvol-looking-horse-addresses-u-n-over-fukushima-crisis-a-threat-to-future-of-humanity-2001-quote-contamination-of-our-food-and-land-now-affecting-way-we-think-disease-of

Today, he and several other nuclear activists are meeting with the Filipino delegation to the United Nations, to ask that a Resolution be introduced into the UN General Assembly, asking for internationalization of the cleanup.https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/STOP_FUKUSHIMA_RADIATION_UN_ACTION_NEEDED/

The Fukushima workers, on whom all our lives depend, continue to be underpaid, mistreated, and lied to.

Please sign https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/FUKUSHIMA_WORKERS_DESERVE_COMBAT_PAY/

Good reliable news in the left hand column of this page http://whatisradiation.com
This is the full half hour documentary on Dr Emoto’s discoveries, the process he uses, and various experiments

More headlines below. Thanks for your concern and support. We all need to work on this if life is to continue on this planet.




























07:54 PM EST on July 16th, 2015 | 10 comments
TV: Nuclear waste overflowing into Pacific Ocean at Fukushima — Officials: Impossible to stop the spill anytime soon — Torrential rainfall from approaching typhoon already too much for plant to handle
02:21 PM EST on July 15th, 2015 | 131 comments
Yahoo News: Mutated plants near Fukushima gain internet fame — Pics show centers fused together, petals growing out of sides, ring-shaped flower with 4 stems — US Gov’t Expert: Plant abnormalities can be induced after only 24 hours of exposure to radioactive fallout (PHOTOS)
10:24 AM EST on July 13th, 2015 | 258 comments
Document shows nuclear fuel burned through bottom of containment vessel under Fukushima reactor — Official: Leakage we observed indicates melt-through by ‘shell attack’ — “This is a very big problem… fuel debris in the PCV is doing something bad” (VIDEO)
11:17 PM EST on July 12th, 2015 | 124 comments
TV: US scientists testing for radiation in dead whales as mysterious die-off in Pacific continues — Now 14 carcasses reported, expert warns “death toll could still rise” — “Whales may have consumed something toxic… trying to find an explanation for this unusual event” (VIDEO)
03:50 PM EST on July 10th, 2015 | 333 comments
Experts: Plutonium levels 10,000,000 times normal in water below Fukushima reactors — Plutonium hit record high off coast in 2014 — “Has been transported relatively long distances” – Every sample taken from rivers flowing into Pacific had Pu-239, Pu-240, Pu-241,and Pu-242 from plant
12:54 PM EST on July 7th, 2015 | 336 comments
Many large marine mammals found dead around California, public warned to expect further strandings — FOX: “Very disturbing… I kept running into more… So unusual… Part of troubling trend” — ABC: “So many dead animals, it felt really tragic… Very peculiar… Fear there’s more to come” (VIDEO)
04:20 PM EST on July 6th, 2015 | 200 comments
NOAA: Young herring “suddenly disappear” from Pacific, no one can find them; “This is an enigma, something’s happened” — Millions of missing salmon raising alarms; “Very odd… Very strange… Most different year ever… It looks really bad” — Fishermen catching only huge numbers of jellyfish (VIDEO)
09:57 AM EST on July 3rd, 2015 | 359 comments
BBC: People taken from movie theater by police, forced to go in reactor and deal with burning fuel rods — TV: Military picked men off street to battle meltdown — Women, minorities, homeless, and prisoners used by nuclear industry for most dangerous work (VIDEO)
10:21 PM EST on July 1st, 2015 | 280 comments
AP Photographer: I could fell a “buzzing” in air when in Fukushima, how do you show that in a picture? — Gov’t Experts: Fukushima radiation affected telescopes used to detect space weather; Thought to be related to decay of plutonium (VIDEO)
11:03 AM EST on June 30th, 2015 | 385 comments
“Mutant fish” with giant tumor growing from head caught near Three Mile Island — Officials: “Unrecognizable pathogen” detected in species, “this is very, very serious” — Lesions found at alarming rate — Almost 70% of males have female eggs in testicles — “We’re waiting to catch one with 3 eyes” (VIDEO)
06:56 PM EST on June 29th, 2015 | 150 comments
Officials: Much of Pacific Ocean threatened by Fukushima releases, an area covering 1/3 of globe — US: “States in region understandably concerned for safety”… “Urgent need” to assess impact on food, water — IAEA begins testing around Ashley Pacifico