Healer training & Activation

Sunday Nov 20th 10am -6pm

Before Lunch:
Protecting yourself from negativity and taking on other people’s stuff
Getting out of the way so that healing flows through not from you
Understanding the messages your body is sending you
How to understand and deal more quickly and effectively with pain
Why we get sick 90% of the time and how to stop that
How to relax instantly
Keep a clear head no matter what’s going on
How to clear stress from your body, and mind.
Where different emotions live in different parts of the body
How anti depressants work – and the alternatives
You will receive a Magic Yuk Busting JOYminator

After lunch:
Individual Healer Activations
Raising your immune system naturally
Turning on your eyes and ears
Improving health dramatically simply
Understanding body energetics
Experiencing and expanding your healing energy
Healer Essentials
Basic muscle testing
How to Body Scan
Energy healing through the chakra system
Putting it all into practice – time to do a healing on your fellow student

Space is limited to 12 people.for this opportunity to learn powerful ways to help heal yourself and any willing being.

$222 includes manual and lunch
$185 if paid in full before Nov 18th
You are welcome to make payments, we can do a partial trade, we can figure something out. If you feel you are supposed to be here, let’s talk.
Reserve your space now by sending a $50 deposit to experiencejoytotheworld@gmail.com – please use the send money to friends option.