Extended Bio

Who is Joy? — Extended Bio

The experience changed me. Before then I was pretty much an atheist, I thought once you were dead that was it.

I had my first near death experience at 15 after flying up a cliff on a motorbike. I was wearing a bikini and a full face helmet. The helmet was trashed and they never found the bikini top. I died for two and a half minutes on the operating table. I remember every single thing about it. Everyone said the whole ‘Light’ experience was drug induced, but no-one who has ever returned from that Light has any doubt at all that the Light is God; pure unconditional love… but that’s another story.

Boy was I wrong!

Doctors reckoned I’d never walk again; they wanted to chop off my leg. “I don’t frigging THINK so!” I was 15 and not exactly respectful of authority. I was a girl who never stopped dancing, and had no problem speaking my mind “Who the hell are YOU to tell me what I can and cannot do. I’ll not only walk I’ll dance on your grave!”

I decided right then if I was going to do that dance, I might as well do it with style. I committed to becoming a gold medal ballroom dancer. I got as far as silver and was happy with that. By then I no longer needed to dance on the surgeon’s grave, I was able to be grateful for the challenge he presented to my stubborn streak.

Stubborn isn’t a bad thing! Everyone talks to me like it is, but stubborn has saved my hide more times than I can poke a flaming stick at. These days I teach how to make stubborn work for you instead of against you, as well as the secrets to making your body do things the doctors say it can’t.

It was a hard seven year recovery and it taught me a lot of stuff. I don’t remember much about what happened between 15 and 22. My memory is kind, I do remember over dosing on the pain killers the hospital addicted me to. The second time I had my stomach pumped I decided I would never take another pain killer again, not even an asprin.

So now I teach fabulous pain management techniques ‘cos going cold turkey off every drug ending in ene, then refusing to take pain killers ever again, inspired me to find other methods of coping. It sucks to be in pain so I love to offer people alternatives to drugs and chemicals and surgery.

I teach about the differences between pretty and beautiful and know REALLY cool ways to become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually more beautiful regardless of what you look like.

I know what it’s like to feel ugly, the scars on my legs were so spectacular that complete strangers would regularly stop me to gape at them in horror! Then they’d say “Oh My GOD! What happened to you?!”. Imagine the impact of that on a teenage girl!

Once an old boyfriend came to visit, he took one look at my legs and said “No-one is ever going to want you with those scars”

Before then I became the first security sales engineer in Australasia. I had actually decided I didn’t want the job, but halfway through the interview the general manager walked in and told me “Sorry, we don’t hire women for this position”. So of course I had to have it. The company was Harding Signals in Wellington New Zealand, they wanted me to fail so their Old Boy’s Network would never be threatened again. So they refused to train me on how to quote for the big security systems I’d been hired to sell.

Determined not to let them get the best of me, I did some research and discovered my potential clients got ripped off more during the day by shoplifters than they did at night by burglars, and that there was no inexpensive product to prevent shoplifting. So I created a simple anti-shoplifting device for under $100, I called it the SNITCH. My first client was a national electronics store, they bought nationwide.

Harding Signals liked the SNITCH, took it and fired me. I learned, too late, to patent inventions and ideas.

I teach the kind of lateral thinking that creates success even in the most hostile environment .

After that I found a marketing company I wanted to work for; Quaife Kerr Marketing in Auckland, and signed on at the bottom – door to door sales of a discount book. In six months I was heading my own division of a branch I’d created for a new executive product. I learned many lessons including how to go from failing so spectacularly that the businesses I approached wanted to run me out of town, to having those same businesses become my biggest sponsors and fans. It’s such an amazingly simple technique, and so powerful. I teach it to everyone in sales; it puts your strike rate out of the park!

I used that exact technique when I was sent to a professional acting audition. I was a model not an actress, and I BOMBED in the audition! But with that technique I walked back in and convinced the producer to choose me over all the other qualified actresses!

So it was that I toured New Zealand in a stage show called Darling Mr. London with English TV star Richard O’Sullivan.

My stage fright was so bad that I had to wear sanitary pads on stage because I’d pee myself every time the curtain went up! Now I teach how to overcome all kinds of stage fright and conquer all kinds of fear.

I’d married a wonderful man who was the perfect house husband.- I was standing in a whole ‘nother queue when the Goddess handed out anything to do with domestics. My talent was stubbornly doing things that everyone said couldn’t be done, and making a great deal of money at it. We were the ideal team.

I got wiped out by a drunk driver at 24. This car accident totaled me. I had finally recovered from the bike accident, and was climbing the corporate ladder in my usual ‘burn all your bridges so you can only move forward’ manner. My work was my life, my identity. My goal was to be a millionaire before 30, and I was on track.

The middle way doesn’t really exist for me. I’m an all or nothing kinda person. It used to be that the one way guaranteed to make me do something, was telling me I couldn’t. I eventually learned to motivate myself positively and stopped losing so much energy trying to prove myself. It made such a difference to the quality of my achievements that I teach it to anyone who uses negative motivation as a prod, and would like another, more fun option.

Blacking out randomly during the day, not knowing if I would live through the blackout because oxygen isn’t getting to my brain, also not good.

Lack of oxygen to the brain, not good.

Suddenly I couldn’t speak without stuttering, walk or stand for more than a few moments, lift a glass of water with my left hand – the left side of my body was at 20% strength. But worse, far worse than these things was that I would black out every time I got stressed because blood wasn’t getting to the brain.

A drunk Telecom van driver changed all that at 11am on a December morning at Kings Cross in Sydney. We’d just relocated to Australia, far from family and friends so I could pursue my career.

After 18 months of getting steadily worse, seeing an average of three specialists a week, receiving no significant or lasting relief, I was told I could expect to be dead or brain dead by the time I was 30.

So again I told the doctors what I thought of them… and their diagnosis … and their parentage … and I started studying alternative healing modalities. I am now certified in more than a dozen.

I grew stronger and clearer with each new skill I acquired. Developing profound ways to heal, using myself as a guinea pig, then sharing the knowledge of what worked.

The parts of my frontal lobes that died from lack of oxygen, appear to me like huge blank walls that I suddenly hit while trying to follow a thought. I trained myself to find other ways round the walls by thinking different thoughts. And in doing so learned how to reprogram the neurological pathways of my brain to bypass the brain damage, and access different parts of my brain.

I picked up a bunch of crazy cool tools hidden in these esoteric places; how to clear stress in moments, relax instantly, read faces with 98% accuracy, manipulate time and SO much more! I nicked all the best ones and started sharing them with anyone who wanted a less stressful, more joyful life. It’s how I make everything that happened to me make sense.

Later tests revealed extensive damage to my frontal lobes. In all the things considered really basic, I score autistic. In all the things considered really hard, I score as genius. Basically I’m now an idiot savant. Better than just being an idiot!


When my daughter came through me, a door blew open in my mind that I couldn’t get shut again.

I won a bunch of prestigious awards, became advisor to state and federal government, had a ball, and then, I had a baby.

I can teach you how to rise above prejudice and ‘disability’. My presentations became known as ‘Samantha-Joy’s Fireside Chats’ because instead of standing behind a lectern like everyone else in those days, I would sit in a comfy chair on stage reading my script from a screen just below my eye line. It looked like I was sitting chatting naturally with my audience. No-one ever found out that I sat because I still couldn’t physically stand for more than a few minutes at a time.

I was one of only two women at the top of that corporate ladder. It was such a chauvinistic country and industry that after doing a presentation to an auditorium of high government officials showing them how to save billions of dollars in end user computing costs I got comments like “That’s what happens when you let a woman out of the kitchen.”

I can show you how to succeed against impossible odds when every card seems stacked against you.

I’m living proof that these skills work because instead of being a vegetable at 30, I had convinced my husband to leave his job at Computerland and, with no startup resources, help me create a brand new software support industry that literally changed the face of computer support in Australia.

These days one of my favourite things to do is teach people how to ‘Create Their Ultimate Self’ It looks different for everyone, and can, and does, change as one grows, but the skills to become whoever you decide to be at any moment; those remain the same.

Suddenly everything I’d done looked insignificant, almost embarrassing, when presented as my life’s work. So I searched until I found something I could be proud to take to God. I found ‘I made each life that I touched better’ This became the new foundation for Samantha-Joy, a new name to go with a new life.

I was forced to consider what would happen if I did die today. I wasn’t afraid of death; I’d already been there, and welcomed the thought of going again. But what would I take to God as the sum total of my life? ‘Hey God I made all this money, created all of these business successes, acquired all these things, despite all the odds.’… yeah, hmmm.

I re-created myself from the ground up after that accident. The body I now had, no longer supported the goals and dreams and thoughts of the person I was before. Waking up every morning not knowing whether I would live through the day, changed how I thought about life.

I love to teach how to access different parts of your brain. It works so well for helping anyone get unstuck from wherever they happen to be.

The orange squiggle lines are frenetic frontal lobe activity as I try to follow a thought. The black lines are the walls.

Our business ended, our companies dismantled, all the money was lost, my husband married another woman, severed contact and paid not a cent in alimony, my daughter and I moved into a rented house in a cheap area. My new partner, an extremely powerful psychic, and psychotic, Iraqi decided that if I wouldn’t marry him, no-one else could have me. And so he gave up his job and devoted his life to black magic so that he could destroy me. In order to survive I too had to give up everything else to train full time in shamanic practice to save myself and my child

My life had irrevocably changed, and it would never be the same again. I kicked and screamed when Upstairs Management told me my time as a corporate executive was over, and it was time for me to embrace a shamanic path. I didn’t want to do it; I’d fought hard for my success. But within a year, despite, or perhaps because of my resistance, every obstacle was removed in terrible ways, and my new course was set.

I love to work with people who ‘see and hear things that aren’t there’ I teach clairvoyance and clairaudience, how to filter, so you are only receiving messages from the Highest Source, and how to communicate with your angelic guides and guardians.

He went absolutely white. At 4.30 on Friday he had hung up after a bad news conversation with the bank manager, and had fallen to his knees to pray for lesser adversity. We never spoke of my messages again.

My marriage suffered. One day I got a message for my husband. It came at 4.30 on a Friday afternoon and sounded like a fortune cookie, I couldn’t possibly pass it on; he hated everything about my sudden psychic shift. But the message wouldn’t go away; it ran continually through my head never letting me alone: “Pray not for lesser adversity but for greater strength.” Finally on Sunday night I couldn’t stand it anymore. I stomped into his office “Look I’m sorry, I know you hate my messages but I got one for you at 4.30 on Friday and it won’t go away, I have to tell you. Pray not for lesser adversity but for greater strength.

I prayed and prayed that if this was not from God to PLEASE take it from me, actually, please take it regardless, as it is seriously interfering with my life. The ‘gift’ became stronger, and I would get terrible migraines if I did not pass the messages along.

Then I suddenly turned into Whoppi Goldberg’s character in Ghost! It was a nightmare! Suddenly I was deluged with disincarnate beings all wanting help. I could barely have a normal conversation with someone without a dead relative popping in to talk to them. I was forever getting messages for people. I was seriously freaked out, and so was my husband. We were born again Christians at the time, and he thought I was possessed by the devil!

I come from a long line of female psychics, in each generation the clairvoyance, clairaudience, and precognitions became stronger. We never really thought much of it, it was just a part of life, I thought everyone was aware of other realms and spirit beings, it wasn’t a big deal, until Harmony was born.

God took me up on my new choice and I got a clear message to “Sell everything you own, take your daughter out of school and travel the world teaching what you learned.”


Be careful what you wish for, it will never look the way you think it will.


Over the next couple of years I built a successful healing and metaphysical practice in Queensland and was living happily UNTIL I changed my personal mission statement from “I make each life that I touch better’ to ‘I make all life better for my being’.

It took a long time to realize this was a blessing; nothing else could have motivated me more strongly toward shamanic light work! In addition to making me extremely strong psychically, it qualified me to council abused women. I know what it’s like to feel helpless and afraid in the face of violence of all descriptions, and I know ways to remain untouched and untouchable in those circumstances.

The moment we set foot in the U.S. life was filled with miracles. As long as I stayed on my path doing exactly what I was guided to do I couldn’t put a foot wrong. But this knowledge doesn’t always help the fear that can accompany such a faith based life, which is why I am so glad to be offering hard core step by step processes to following ones truth in a world that has an entirely different idea about how things should be.

Now I counsel people on letting go, and on how to cope when everything you have vanishes overnight.

I was backed into a corner, you can’t teach what you don’t live and I teach ‘follow your inner guidance’ so I had to go. But instead of selling my stuff, I put it in storage. Where it was all stolen and sold for drug money.


I thought this was a horrible idea, I liked everything I owned, I loved where I lived, my Mum had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and I didn’t want to travel the world, especially not alone with a precocious 9 year old. So I told God ‘If you want me to do that you not only have to make it clear, you have to organize it!’ that night a grateful client who hadn’t been able to pay me for his healings, got his insurance payout, and bought me two tickets to L.A.