Experience JOY Bathing Project for Women Only

Many of my Western girlfriends have unrestricted access to the greatest privilege a woman could ask for, and most of them aren’t even aware of it, let alone grateful for it.

The Experience  JOY Bathing Project for Women Only has been created to teach women how to turn their baths into a powerful healing experience.

Fair warning, this is the disclaimer Do NOT look at this video if you are easily offended or have no sense of humour.

How my robe became miraculous, and how you can create miracles in your life too, with or without a fuzzy purple dressing gown.

Magnificent way to make your bath infinitely more beneficial to your health, easily, quickly, and its FREE!

How much of a better, happier, more productive person are you when you are getting everything you need? This is how to get what you need!!!

The goal is to teach women how to outrageously, joyfully empower themselves through bathing

I am NOT getting into a cold bath on a frosty morning! We had the BEST crew!

Meet the crew behind the Experience JOY Bathing Project

After considerable anguishing about appropriate bath wear I finally decided to on leaves!

The Experience JOY Bathing Project continues without the fancy cameras and crew because you need to know this stuff!