#metoo expressed our pain, we FINALLY shared some of the most painful secrets in our hearts. We learned that we Are Not Alone. Now dear sisters – and brothers – in trauma, It’s time for the next step
#MoveBEYOND: Worldwide healing for our sexual abuse wounds. Individual and collective.
A movement that actively provides solutions and support for all victims of sexual abuse – for FREE!On this day 2 years ago I was attacked in LA. I determined that the man who hijacked my body, would have no more of me than that. I decided this would somehow be event that would rocket me to a new level of power and purpose in helping ANYONE who had ever been abused.

On this day 1 year ago I released the technique that saved me. Presenting it in an online course called ‘Reprogramming Your Brain so your memories can’t hurt you’.
It demonstrates, live, how to completely remove the negative emotional charge around traumatic memories in less than 15 minutes!

Today I invite all #metoo brethren and sympathizers to #MoveBeyond into solutions. It’s not enough to speak our pain, we also need to clear it.

I invite HEALERS and providers to step up and offer a solution or some kind of support – for FREE.
Do you have something that can help sexual abuse victims that you would be willing to donate to this movement?
Electronic Empowerment is best so you don’t deplete your resources.
Tune in LIVE to find out WHY this is such a great idea that will help you as well as them.

I am donating the ability to remove the trauma from rape and molestation memories so they can’t hurt you any more.

This looks like 2 video demonstrations from my ‘Reprogramming Your Brain’ course, free to anyone who wants to #MoveBeyond:

Joni was raped as a teenager, it caused her not to trust herself her whole life.
If you’ve been raped you can clear your trauma along with Joni as she goes from tears to laughter, not trusting to ‘I got this’, IN 10 MINUTES.
-Sophia hadn’t been raped, but she cleared not trusting herself as she did the TimeLine Transformation along with Joni.

If you were molested, you can heal with Shelly who was abused from age 3 to 12. Join her as she moves from grief and guilt, judgement and shame, to peaceful and ‘everything is fine’
In 12 MINUTES, her physical vision improves, she can see clearly, she feels lighter.
I’m also donating the section Guiding the listener through their own TimeLine Transformation

I’m creating a #MoveBeyond FaceBook Group for people to share SOLUTIONS.
There will also be a www.movebeyond.solutions website

We’ve come together in pain and trauma, now lets come together in Hope and Healing.