11 week emPOWERment series
90 minutes once a week will change Everything

»  Clear stress in 3 minutes or less Measure your stress levels dropping with each technique

»  enJOYing Change Play the wild game that dissolves resistance to change in minutes

»  Face Reading Instant Rapport. Understand how others think and why they behave the way they do, without taking it personally.

»  Instant Excellence go from anxious to empowered – in 3 seconds

»  No Worries Mate The De-Worrying Process guarantees to eliminate all worry at its source

»  Vanquishing Fear What could you achieve if you had no fear?

»  Time Bending Never feel pushed for time again

»  Forgiveness and Calming the Negative Voices in your Head  

»  Clairvoyance and Clair audience, connect with your angels. Learn how to talk – and listen to – your Angels and Guardians.

»   Getting well, Staying well:  Tracking symptoms to cause. Healing. Bring people who need to understand their body, and the messages that it’s always sending.

»   Wish Granting Circle & PARTY! Graduation Day. Bring your wishes, we’ll cover those too, then we’ll Eat, Drink and be Merry, and plan the next Grand Adventure!