Wish Granting Circle 7pm – 8.30pm All Aboard!

The 18th marks 19 years since my Walkabout began in this Hemisphere, teaching, by example, how to live more JOYfully and less stressfully in 3 minutes or less, and experience JOY regardless of Circumstance.

Americans dubbed me the Wish Granter because people bring me wishes for their health and happiness, and I provide the skills and tools to help them grant their wishes more quickly and easily while having more fun!
To be clear, I do NOT have a Magic Wand, what I do have is a massive emPOWERment tool chest filled with R.A.D. skills (Replicable, Applicable, Demonstrable) that make a positive difference in 3 minutes or less.

Reprogramming the neurological pathways of my brain, by thinking new thoughts, to bypass Multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries and Near Death Experiences turned me into a Channel/
Each time I was returned it was with Uncommon Perspective and unusual Gifts.

So, I never know what will happen at these Circles
You provide the Wishes, I open my toolkit, and myself as a channel
We go from there
Reserve your space now, we’ll be on the top deck of a gorgeous yacht in Marina Del Rey, making Wishes Come True while the sun goes down

Go home with a plethora of tools to empower every part of your life.Tickets are just $22
Space IS limited and this will sell out, so you’ll need to book using the eventbright link

The Ultimate Eavesdrop + Cuddle Party

Have you ever wondered what the Opposite Sex REALLY thinks?
If you could ask them, as a group, any question at all, and have it honestly answered, what would it be?
What might you learn if you could overhear an unguarded discussion on the things that really matter?

This event is for CONSCIOUS couples and singles, who genuinely want to understand the opposite sex, who are interested in evolving relationships, and who are willing to be transparent.

On Sunday July 28th you FINALLY get to find out more than you ever imagined at: The Ultimate Eavesdrop

2pm – 2.30pm Fun Connection Games.

2.30pm – 3pm Divide into separate groups, men in one part of the house, women in the other.
You have 30 minutes to collaborate on, and come up with, the 3 questions you most want to hear answered by the opposite sex.

3pm – 5.30pm Both groups return to the main room.
Women gather in a comfortable group in the middle of the room.
Men sit in a silent, circle around them, eavesdropping, holding space, invisible,

The first question is given the women’s group, they discuss it openly and honestly for 20 minutes as if there were no men present.

After 20 minutes the men offer statements of appreciation for the women’s sharing.

SWITCH it’s the women’s turn to listen to the women.
And so on until all 6 questions are answered

5.30pm – 6pm Mix, Mingle, Chat and Chill while the Cuddle Party is set up.

6pm – 9.30pm Cuddle Party

Bring finger food snacks and drinks

$33 for the Eavesdrop, or $55 for BOTH events!!

Space is limited, reasonable gender balance sought.


Glimpses of Eavesdrops