Uplifting & Empowering Community through JOY!

Bob’s Place 35 East 100 South La Verkin 84745

Watch for Marvelous Mondays 

Suggested donation $20. Give what your heart tells you. No-one is turned away

Monday November 5th:  Wish Granting Circle
What are your wishes for your Health and Happiness? Even if your wish isn’t spoken you will still
Go home with a plethora of tools to empower every part of your life.


Sunday 11.11 2pm – 8pm Vision Board Power Party

This Sunday is 11.11. is purported to be the most powerful manifestation date of the decade
11.11 also represents Angelic assistance.  What do you want to manifest with Angelic Assistance?
I’ll provide emPOWERment tools and Ceremony to deepen and quicken the desired manifestations
You Bring Potluck, Magazines and supplies
Let’s support one another in manifesting our Grandest Dreams.

2pm Create our Vision Boards and Establish Methods and Buddies to help us achieve them
5.15pm Sunset Ceremony to empower our Visions
6pm – 8pm Roast marshmallows, play instruments, CELEBRATE what we are Manifesting!


Monday nearest each full moon starting Nov 19th 7 – 9.30:     Red Tent Women Only.
This movement has been sweeping the nation, bringing women back together to nurture and support one another, celebrate, teach and learn from each other.
Wear red


Monday December 3rd 7 – 8pm:     Face Reading 
Understand how other people think and why they behave the way they do, and not take it personally. Bring people you want to understand better, I teach from the faces in the audience, the more faces, the more fun.


Sunday December 9th 10am – 6pm: Face Reading Day Perfect Holiday Gift!
Value $222 Includes manual  :  trade welcomed : early bird value $185
Bring photos of everyone you want to understand better, and communicate more effectively with.
By the end of the day you will read the face of a stranger with more than 90% accuracy or it’s free

*  Improve sales figures on average 30% by knowing how to approach your prospect, what’s important to them, how they best receive new information and more.

•Improve your relationships immeasurably – the most common comment I get after this course is “If I’d know this before I’d still be married.”

•Communicate more effectively and powerfully with everyone you meet

  • Rock internet dating!

•Have more compassion and understanding for everyone in your life

Monday December 17th 7 – 9.30:     Red Tent Women Only.

Friday December 21st 7pm – 9pm Peace & JOY Labyrinth Inauguration