White Peacock Academy 11 week Illume Series in L.A.

Each Illume will be filmed and turned into a course for the White Peacock Academy;  A school that is being created now!  We are in search of very specific students. See if you feel called.

White Peacock Academy Classes are known as Illume/s. Each one is composed of skills, tools, spells or insights that, like Magick, make an immediate positive difference in some aspect of life.

Verify is what we do after each Illume. Test the Teaching. We IMMEDIATELY begin to put the Magick we’ve learned through personal tests, wherever we can, throughout the week, to see how it works.  Verify what happens before, during, and after the skill is used.
Document the findings Write the manual of what does and doesn’t work for you.

We do NOT do this alone. To enroll in an Illume, we must have at least one APP – Accountability Peacock Partner – Study Buddy. The more the merrier.  To inspire you I have priced the Illumes like this:

INVESTMENT: $50 per Illume  Bring a friend for Free under the APP Agreement 

Our APPs hold our Highest Vision for, and with, us.
They help us stay aligned with that Vision
by Verifying With Us and Encouraging
All that would support us living our Most Magickal Lives and Better
We do the same for them.

“your APP has your BACK” (there is an APP Greeting and secret handshake that goes with this chant)

Here are the first 11 emPOWERment Illumes

1/ enJOYing Change – Play the wild game that dissolves resistance to change in minutes. This is a great TBI: Tribe Building Illume, bring people you want to have hold you accountable – and visa versa.

2/ Face Reading– Instant Rapport. Understand how others think and why they behave the way they do, without taking it personally. Bring anyone you want to understand better – I teach off the faces in the audience, the more faces, the more fun.

3/ Clear stress in 3 minutes or less – Bring ALL of your stress to this Illume, you will measure your stress levels dropping with each technique. Bring people who need help to manage their stress.

4/ Time Bending – A  technique to literally lengthen and shorten your time line to create the time you need. It’s a powerful tool, we will be demonstrating on the audience, you WILL see mind blowing healing.
Bring people who have challenges with time.

5/ Vanquishing Fear – What would you do if you had no fear? Another good TBI- Tribe Building Illume. Learn the secret Fear doesn’t want you to discover. Bring your fears, and the people you want to move forward with.

6/ Forgiveness and Calming the Negative Voices in your Head  This is the Illume to bring people who wish the voices in their head were positive and helpful, and those who need to forgive and can’t.

7/ Instant Excellence – go from anxious to empowered – in 3 seconds. Essential skill for every part of your life! Bring people who want to be able to shift emotional states INSTANTLY.

8/ No Worries Mate – The De-Worrying Process took me from struggle to success in SO many areas of my life -it, guarantees to eliminate all worry at its source. Bring your worrywart friends

9/ Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, Connect with your Angels. Learn how to see auras and talk – and listen to – your Angels and Guardians. You know who to bring!

10/ Getting well, Staying well:  Tracking symptoms to cause. Healing. Bring people who need to understand their body, and the messages that it’s always sending. 

11/ Wish Granting Circle & PARTY! Graduation Day, free to all who have attended. Bring your wishes, we’ll cover those too, then we’ll Eat, Drink and be Merry, and plan the next Grand Adventure!

AGREEMENTS for the Series: I guarantee each Illume does what I say it does.
I could not have survived my cartoon life without these tools, and the others that I want to share.
I will give you all the short cuts, sharing with all my heart and abilities so that you walk away empowered AND able to share what you learned!

You agree to play full out for the entire 90 minute Illume to Verify how well these skills work for you.
Then, when you find out how good they are, PAY IT FORWARD, teach others. Support one another in implementing these emPOWERment tools in every part of your life.
Work with the tools all week, Verifying with your APP/s, supporting each other in integrating the tools into your lives before the next Illume.

Help me make these and more available to you, and to anyone else who wants to skill up.

SPECIAL!  Pay all 11 Illumes upfront for $222 per person save $53 (must have an APP)
AND get a scholarship to White Peacock Academy