Try this simple, easy way to begin to address conflicts

Start by writing it down for yourself so you can get clear:

  • This is how I feel
  • This is what I want
  • This is what I’m willing to do to get itRemember the idea is to get clear of shame and blame and find a resolution to ongoing conflict – SO this is an example of how NOT to do it with a beloved

I feel angry because you don’t care about me
I want you to change
I’m willing to stay if you do

Try something more like:
I feel like we are growing apart
I miss you, I want to feel that deep caring we had
I’m willing to make time just for us to see if we can regain that closeness we loved so much

OR with a child

I feel fed up because you never do anything I ask you
I want you to start paying attention and doing what you’re told
I’m willing