My friend told me “I’m so miserable and unfulfilled at my corporate job that even though it’s a really easy job to do and pays extremely well, I am sabotaging myself constantly. If I don’t change something now it’s going to be over for me. Until I can figure out what else I can do, I need to reframe how I think about this job.”

A truly wise observation, I have spent decades learning how to reprogram the brain to do exactly this kind of thing. It’s saved my life and sanity more times than I can count.

She showed me a photo of her Mother “I believe a lot of my misery isn’t mine, it’s hers.” One look at the photo told me that was true, I work a lot with genealogical sabotage and negative patterns. Her mother was in emotional agony.

This was clearly an emergency so I shifted my schedule around to work with her for the following night. And set the healing intention.

The next day she sent me an email saying she couldn’t afford to pay me for a session, and that after our talk her mother had a “little bit of a clearing.”

Because the intention had had already shifted her mother, she proposed that instead of a session, we just come together to intend healing whenever one of us needs it.

Instead of payment, a trade because “For me it seems very clear that I need no particular method or ritual to get there – just the clear focused energy of two people completely aligned in energy and intention, coming together for even 1 minute to move mountains.”

While Matthew 18:20 agrees, it hasn’t traditionally proved to be that easy, especially if one of the people have underlying sabotage programs running.

And while I absolutely believe that it’s possible to clear long term negative beliefs and behaviors with nothing more than a moment of clear intention, I am not yet at the level of mastery.

I have spent 26 years utterly devoted to the science of reprogramming the brain after my frontal lobes scanned like an autistic child when I was hit by a drunk driver.

I have physically died six times in this body, and each time I have been returned with different skills and new perspective to continue my work in Psychoneuroimmunology.

I am certified in more than a dozen different healing modalities, but what makes me able to guarantee immediate positive results is my work as a shaman and channel.

What flows through me is what provides the miracles. My unique life circumstances have turned this body into a ‘Time Share unit’.

I teach the best of what I have learned in my sessions while I am rewiring the brain, so the people I work with have tools to continue working with themselves after the upgrade.

My work with my own brain took me from the prognosis of ‘brain dead by 30’, to at 30 co-creating Australasia’s first end user computing support organization, advisor to State and Federal Governments, literally transforming the way business was done in that industry.

20 years later I’m a computer programmer who works with the most fascinating computer of all.

My friend is a highly intelligent, quick witted, savvy business exec, who, like most of us, is struggling with preinstalled ‘virus’s’ in her brain’s computer.

Having the intention to upgrade, without clearing the bugs and installing new software, isn’t necessarily going to make it happen. Or at least that’s been my experience.

Installing new programs happens at a cellular level, and clears the bugs from the previous versions often creating an entirely new operating system in that area of the brain, erasing the old program and changing one’s life completely.

I once did a session for a woman who had lived her whole life enraged because she believed she had been molested by her father. She loathed him, and was deeply distraught that her mother and sister didn’t believe her. She came to me in great distress because she was flying home for a family event and didn’t know how she would cope.

During the session it turned out that he hadn’t molested her. She had been in desperate misery for 53 years for nothing.

At the end of the session I asked her how she felt about her father. She said “I feel fine about my father, it’s my mother and my sister I have a problem with.”

I wish I had a photo of her face when I had her recall how she felt an hour ago before the session began.

In my experience we all need to regularly upgrade the software in our organic super computers just like we do for our PCs.

Bugs happens, new versions come out, and if we don’t stay current, we fall behind.

I’m grateful for the easy ways I’ve discovered to do this. I’m especially grateful for TLT for making reprogramming the brain so much easier.