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What I’m noticing after the Upgrade – is this happening to you too?

Written by JoyPhoenix

The path is cleared before me in beautiful, seemless ways. Here are a couple of examples:

Every time I approached a hot pool at Glen Ivy yesterday, the inhabitants left the pool, and we could walk straight in without having to wait.

Each room registered my presence immediately, even before I said a word, the energy would change and soften. People would go from being strident to calmer, more relaxed.

I Feel Calmer, less strident, more relaxed.

Today Lauren, a gorgeous Alligator Wrangling Fairy stuck in a corporate job, took time off work to go on a JOYride Car Session – You bring your wishlist, tell it to me when I get in the car, by the time we get to my appointment, you have the skills to help make that wish come true.

She was specfriggingtacular fun! Exactly who I would’ve loved to be at 23. She brought a huge list of wishes, and running the whole list was ‘Make A Difference’.

While she drove me to my first appointment I introduced her to her Guide, and gave her a JOYscription to do while she waited.

The Iridologist was surprised to see me. My appointment was supposed to have been rescheduled, today is her 60th birthday.  She took one look at my eyes and said “We have been together many times you and I!”

I laughed and told her “Yep, now here we are again, in perfect time for your Upgrade J Your Pleiadian Guide has a gift for you.” And so our astonishing session began, and ended with an armful of natural, organic tablets to bring my body all the way back into balance.

Back in the car Lauren had continued effortless conversation with her Protector, had been shown all the times she had been rescued, and was feeling very secure about traveling. She caught me up as we drove to my next appointment, where I gave her a new JOYscription.

It took less than 5 minutes to take the x-ray of my shoulder. I literally walked straight in, she took two images, and I walked straight back out again.

Meantime Lauren had received a vision of her next step, and what country it is in.

And that’s the kind of flow I’m experiencing on this side of the Upgrade. I’m loving it!
Am curious what others may or may not be noticing after the blood moon.

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