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Water orgasm tastes GOOD!

Written by JoyPhoenix

My water tasted… well, tasteless, but my body needed water so, I exploded love and gratitude at the PRIVILEGE of having clean water to drink, straight into the water bottle. O.M.G! You have to try this!


Got all carried away. It was a delicious feeling – and suddenly very sexy.

Without warning, love and gratitude roared into voracious ecstasy, as the highly energized, increasingly sexy water made it’s way through my body.

I found myself making love to the water in my mouth… drawing it into my body… rolling it around on my tongue…tasting it getting sweeter and silkier with every sensuous swallow.

OMG it tastes SO GOOD now! You HAVE to try this!

Grab a glass of water, and focus love and gratitude, and whatever other delicious emotion you want, into it. Really love on it for a minute, then taste it again then comment below, tell us what you noticed.

Dr Emoto’s work with photographing water molecules shows us why it works.

Check out this little 3 minute video and then program your water.

Because you can!!

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