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ATTN: Badass Baby Boomers

Written by JoyPhoenix

I’m creating a new Udemy Course called ‘Aging, What the F…olks don’t tell you’, and I want to include footage of some of the fabulous Elders I know as shining examples of what is possible.

This strange youth centered culture gives people peculiar ideas about what happens after 40, I want to shift perspective.

There are so many sexy, successful Baby Boomers in my community, let me know if you are interested in being considered for a 30 second video spot in this important course.

Looking mostly for 50 somethings, would LOVE 60 and above.

If you are up for it please write me a paragraph stating how old you are now and why you are more badass now than when you were younger.

Also would love to know how you are dealing with the challenges of aging.

This was how the course got inspired and why your input so critical

This comment made at a lesbian gala changed my life forever
It haunts me still. I finally Vloged it this morning
An important conversation has begun.
Please, will you contribute your view.

Question for Women of Power over 40
 How do you feel now as opposed to when you were younger?
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Baby Boomer Question 

When my friend walked in the door yesterday she was not happy about it being her 60th birthday.

“I don’t want to celebrate my birthday. 60 means all washed up!” she said “I don’t feel 60, I feel 23.”

So we examined that belief to find out whether or not it was true

……..Does Aging necessarily mean becoming infirm, weak and essentially worth less?

We discovered that the exact opposite was in fact the case.

While her body wasn’t as lithe and flexible as it once was, she was actually feeling more powerful not less.

Because she is now both grounded and connected to Source.

After a couple of days dedicated to magnificent birthday celebrations, I’m delighted to say

She’s gone from being embarrassed about her age, to moving toward proudly modeling what is possible

Because this country badly needs Baby Boomer role models.

Are you one?

Some of the sexiest people I know are in their 60s! This blows my mind, I want to know, is 60 REALLY the new 40?

I want to know:           How many other Boomers are feeling More Powerful as they age, not less powerful?

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