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The Medical Center is confounded. 

Written by JoyPhoenix

“I’ve heard of spiritual healing but it’s something else to have the evidence right in front of me.” Amber the administrator at North County Medical Center said when I called her for my blood results. “Your thyroid is not a little bit better, it is all the way better! In less than a month! I would not believe it but I’m holding the evidence!!  On 9/9 your thyroid was dangerously low at 0.007.  Your TSH taken on 10/5 reads 0.015… Absolutely normal, you’ve taken NO medication and it hasn’t even been a month!”

I finally felt the shift yesterday while I was covered in mud at Glen Ivy.  I took this photo shortly afterward. It doesn’t look like Joy Phoenix to me, what do you think?

I’m still working with some physical symptoms, but The Upgrade is complete.

I feel different. I feel better. I feel changed in ways I can’t put my finger on yet.

Y’all helped SO much, every prayer, every thought seeing me as whole, every bit of healing love, every kind donation that helps me get the help I need through this huge Process, was and is so deeply, gratefully received.

I am especially grateful to all the fine healers I worked with. More details later, I just had to share this wonderful news asap, because if this can happen for me, it can sure as sheep happen for you in your own needed way!

I am the canary in the mine…

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