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Secret to internet dating

Written by JoyPhoenix

After being asked by several people what the secret to my outrageous internet dating success is, it is this:

Go into internet dating with an open heart and an open mind and NO EXPECTATIONS!

Just have a cheerful curiosity about whomever you have decided is interesting enough to meet.

They may become a new friend, or one of you might have something important to share with the other, or they may just turn out to have an interesting story.

Once in a very great while you might even have chemistry! But don’t expect it, try not to even hope for it if you can-that way when it turns up HOORAY, and if it isn’t there you aren’t disappointed.

Meet as soon as possible to avoid the anticipation that too often precludes disappointment when chemistry doesn’t translate from screen to face to face.

Go on your date with intent to meet a fun new person, to see why it is that you have been drawn together, and let yourself be pleasantly surprised or at least interested, by whatever that might be. People are marvelous.

Be entirely yourself! You know you want someone to like you for who you are, give them that chance right up front! Nothing else makes any sense, they are going to find out who you are sooner or later anyway.

Not everyone WILL like you for who you are, that’s really ok. You don’t need EVERYONE to like you just as you don’t need to like EVERYONE. You have a much bigger chance of finding your true soul mate if you are honest.

And have recent photos, if you show up not looking like you do in the picture how can anything you say be trusted? They WILL notice if you are 20 years older and 40 pounds heavier than advertised.

Your beloved IS out there, you don’t need to chase them down, you just need to shine your light so bright that they are magnetized to you. And meantime, have fun meeting all kinds of interesting new people online. 🙂

I’ve followed these simple rules and never had a bad experience, my few dull ones have been balanced by a cornucopia of funny ones, and some truly stellar dates. I’ve had fantastic meals, and loads of grand adventures from whale watching to indoor skydiving on a first date.

I’ve met a couple of close friends, found a business partner, ended up with a bunch of clients, found the best masseur I ever had, and had a host of interesting encounters with fellow humans.

Knowing how to read their face from a photo with upwards of 90% accuracy helps a LOT too 😉

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