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When God won’t take “NO” for an answer

Written by JoyPhoenix

July 18th 2000 I arrived in L.A. with my young daughter, two suitcases and a briefcase. I had no idea of what would happen to us. I never wanted to travel, especially not to the U.S. All we knew about America was what we saw on the tele – George Bush and Jerry Springer in a world of Cops, Hospitals, Lawyers, fast food and very surreal ‘Reality’ shows.

I was NOT keen, but the mission from Upstairs Management was clear “Sell everything you own, take your daughter out of school and travel the world sharing what you learned.”

NO! I LIKE everything I own! My baby is finally happy in a Steiner school and my Mum has just been re-diagnosed with breast cancer. I don’t want to leave my lovely home in Queensland Australia to go on Walkabout with a 9 year old! If you want me to do that then you go ahead and organize it, I’m not moving one foot in that direction.”

That night I was given two tickets to LA.

Andrew gave them to me. I’d saved his leg after a nasty motorbike accident. He didn’t have any money so I told him to pay me when he could. Golden Staf was rotting his leg real fast, treatment couldn’t wait. We became friends as I worked with him over the months. He’d had 24 operations in 18 months and only had 20% use of his arm. We got him back to 80% and gave him a spiritual upgrade 🙂


I told him that I’d been given my marching orders. He said “My insurance payout came today, I can finally pay you. And I’m buying you two tickets to LA.”

I was not grateful.

I had to take the assignment, my unique life has crafted me into a very obedient channel for Divine Will. I live in Service teaching ‘Follow your Guidance,’ I can’t teach what I don’t live.

I tried to cheat 🙁 Instead of selling everything I owned I put it all in storage with a friend. 6 months later her druggie boyfriend got out of jail and sold it all for drug money.

The bridges were burned.

We spent the first two days in Disneyland because where else would you start such a journey?

By Day three, Upstairs Management had put us in the home of a real live Hollywood Producer, Joan, who created a video of me teaching Face Reading.

Immediately after the video was finished, Harmony and I flew to Phoenix where I was booked to speak at an Exotic Research Convention.

The first person I met there was an excited new father who was thrusting baby photos at anyone who would look. So I did a face reading on the baby, and found out Tim owns America’s largest new age video distributor, his office is 15 minutes from where we shot the video. Of course he became my distributor.

It’s not been an easy life traveling round the Americas, but Miracles flow constantly on this path; big fat juicy ones, skinny little sneaky ones, all kinds of miracles pour through and around me, and always will as long as I remain on this path of Service. It works that way for everyone if you know the knack.

And now July 18th 2015 approaches again as I continue to transform under White Peacock.

It’s going to be a doozy I can feel it.

It’ll be hard to beat July 18th 2012; the night God answered my prayer for a new lease on life.

I’d told him “That’s it, I’ve had enough, you can fix me or take me, those are your options. I feel old and tired and I’m always in pain and this is just not working for me. I need a new body!

Transformed overnight! Click here for the story of that miracle – it’s available to you too!


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