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Tired of being broke?

Written by JoyPhoenix
 I’m sharing this video because the hilarious, inimitable Edwene Gaines rocked my money world. The only time my finances dry up is when I haven’t followed her advice.
I freaked out 2 days ago wondering where my money was coming from, and realized, oops, haven’t tithed, and now it’s gonna hurt.

But I’ve learned from experience it’s the only way to free things up.

God IS my Source, I offer the 1st 10% to where I receive my spiritual nourishment, I have seen enough to be able to trust.

I sent my tithe at 11am, by 7pm I had gotten 3 phone calls for sessions, been offered 2 speaking gigs and had 3 people at a party want to book a session with me.

This is the link to the amazing Edwene Gaines talking about how to tithe so it guarantees prosperity.

She gets into tithing at 12.50, before that is an awesome story not necessarily related. it’s the second segment in her 4 Laws of Prosperity on this video.

I have to share one more story about tithing. The last time my tithe backed up, I received Guidance to send a specific amount to a particular person. I was scared because it was everything I had, and it actually put me into overdraft!

I was upset and told God “This isn’t the way it’s supposed to work! What are you thinking?! Now I not only can’t pay my bills I have bank charges on top?!”

God said “Call the bank and ask to have the charge removed”

So I did, and the lady at the bank said “Of course I can do that for you… and what are all these other charges on your account? They shouldn’t be there, let me remove those as well…”

and that was what preceded the next great flow of abundance.

Seriously people, give this a try ESPECIALLY if you are sacred to because you don’t have enough as it is!

That’s when you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Watch Edwene’s video!!

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