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Getting emails from IT’S NOT ME!

Written by JoyPhoenix

The creepy CREEPY man that created a yahoo account with my name in it:, watches me on FB, targets my friends, and sends them emails, impersonating my writing style, asking them to do all manner of extremely inappropriate things.

And some of them DO God help them. They simply assume it’s me asking, and because they trust me, they go ahead and send him pictures and talk about intimate things!
I DONT EVEN HAVE A YAHOO ACCOUNT. I would NEVER ask you to do anything inappropriate!

I write about this on FB, it quietens him down for a couple of months, then off he goes again, getting worse each time.
Next year it will be illegal to do this. But right now it isn’t.,
So meantime  PLEASE spread the word.

And remember, if it doesn’t feel right to you, it probably isn’t. Always check!
Every victim has said something definitely didn’t feel right, but no-one ever questioned if it was actually me.

Please Trust YOURSELF when something feels off. This is the internet. Anyone can be anyone and say anything behind their screen.

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