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Flight of the Condor

Written by JoyPhoenix

There are 4 condors on the runway as we taxi out of San Luis Obispo. 1 enormous one comes in from the side and flies directly at the plane, locking eyes with me as she comes.    Hours later I still feel locked in that gaze.

“It’s very strange” Michael says “Birds of any size will veer away from the noise of a plane, not fly straight to it.”

I smile at him, thrilled by the experience “She has a message for us. Let’s open to it.”

We lift off and head for Long Beach.

It has been an interesting morning. I am feeling so much better after the healing Michael and Malka did for me in the hot springs last night.  We arrived at 9.25pm to be told that all the tubs were booked for a private party. “We’ve come so far, won’t you please check again to see if there is a space for us?” I asked the girl.

“You KNOW we have to be here tonight.” I told Upstairs Management “Make it so!”

“There has just been a cancelation for 9.30!” the girl came back to say “It’s a great tub, only one flight up, you can see the stars, and it easily fits 3.”  It was the perfect end to a Grand Adventure of a day.

Then Malka dropped us off at our campsite next to the plane, and we had a wonderful night’s sleep on double air mattresses with soft sheets and lots of pillow, under the stars.

She picked us up again at 10.10am. We had a terrific breakfast leaving the restaurant at 11.11, we flew out at 12.12 with a condor escort!

I look out across the crumpled hills and see a HUGE condor shaped cloud right in front of me! Very Aztec in form. Condors represent the old ways to me, the Red Path. It is the dream of many shamans to see the Condor and the Eagle fly together in the same sky – the old ways and the new join together to save our world. I’m curious what Michael makes of it, one of his primary power animals is Condor.

It’s 115 degrees on the ground at Long Beach, far hotter in the hanger as we unpack and clean the plane.

We finally head toward Palomar airport over the coast this time. It’s the first time I’ve dared go over water since my body picked up how sick the ocean was and wiped me out for days. This time we have a flawless trip. I see an enormous whale, a white shape under water next to a sailing boat; it’s bigger than the boat!

I’m grateful that my energy sensitive body is calm this trip.

There are no more Condor sightings but I can still feel her eyes burning in to mine.



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