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A New Creation Legend

Written by JoyPhoenix

Once upon a time, long, long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, there was a great and glorious consciousness we shall call MIA.

And MIA was ALL there was. Perfect, whole and complete.
Yet in this perfection desire was born.
Desire not just to BE, but to EXPERIENCE that which it was.
An impossible desire in MIA’s state, for there was nothing it was not!
Yet the desire, once born, continued to grow.
And so MIA conceived of a grand plan, a plan which would enable this great consciousness to experience itself as itself.

MIA chose to create an illusion: The illusion of that which it was not.
This choice was born on a sound; the Mighty sound of Creation that brought with it the gift of Duality.
And as the sound was made, the great consciousness that was MIA divided in to that which is… and that which is not… and yet All was still MIA, just as music is as much the silence between the notes as the notes themselves.

There was now the appearance of One and The Other.
An unimaginably huge jigsaw of interactive aspects of the whole.
MIA gazed upon MIA and was pleased.
The process of Creation had begun.

In this process a beautiful play ground was created; a blue and green planet; a fabulous stage on which to play a game that would enable aspects of MIA to experience the fullness of the gift of duality.
These aspects chose to shift part of their awareness to this beautiful planet for a grand third dimensional adventure.
An organic body was created to enable them to experience this dimension so that they could touch and see and smell and taste and hear and feel and interact with an infinite number of other beings, in an infinite number of ways.

They agreed to begin the game by forgetting that they were aspects of MIA and that MIA was All there was, so that the Illusion would seem as real as possible.
They agreed that they would take turns playing villain and hero and victim so that All could experience All, with the ultimate goal of remembering who they really were, and that it was all just a game.

They also wanted to make it easy to remember who they were because that was the most fun of all as it meant they could move to the next level of the game and start consciously co-creating the best of all possible illusions.
They conceived of what they thought would be an easy way to remember that they were all aspects of MIA whilst keeping the game interesting.

They decided to make the awareness of MIA a central focus in their 3D adventure, – but a remote focus not necessarily associated directly with them. Something they could seek rather than something they simply were.

In this way they could have the constant reminder, and continually strive toward it without necessarily remembering that they were that which they sought.

Next was the challenge of the duality.
What would give them the opportunity to experience the apparently good and the apparently bad, to play the right and wrong game with one another while still keeping it all in good fun?

They hit upon what they thought would be the perfect solution.
They would create a variety of ways to honor the consciousness of MIA and scatter these choices around the planet so that each aspect could select a current preference.
The basic truths would remain the same regardless of the path, and the same ground rules would be present, but phrased differently.
Only minor differences would be introduced in the more popular paths – they would call things by different names, send in different masters for each path, but still have each master teach the same thing, so ensuring that each method would invariably bring every aspect back to the same awareness point:
That there was only one of them present.
That each was an aspect of MIA and all else was illusion.
That it was all just a game and to play to have fun!

Delighted with the whole concept, each aspect decided what it would experience itself as, selected a life that would give them every opportunity to experience exactly that, and shifted part of its awareness, and all of its focus, to being that choice.
For focus as well as awareness was the key.

The planet had been set up in such a way that whatever was focused on was automatically attracted – how quickly and powerfully the new Illusion fell in to place was determined by the level and power of the focus upon it.
In this way the experience of co-creation could be as fully and simultaneously enjoyed as the process of creating one’s own individual Illusions. The more aspects of the One that focused on a particular event or choice, the more quickly it would be made manifest; individually and collectively, locally and globally.

So if One wasn’t enjoying a particular experience, all One had to do was change focus; aligning thought, word and deed with the new choice, and so become it.

This was much easier when remembering that MIA is all there is, and that everything already exists waiting to be accessed. Rather like every song already existing on a particular CD waiting for us to choose which we want to experience.
They could experience themselves as any part of MIA at any time
And so the game began…
… and continues still …

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